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One Outlook: the new version of Outlook
One Outlook: the new version of Outlook
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Microsoft has been developing a new version of Outlook Desktop for Windows and MAC for several years.

Why a new version of Outlook?

  • To eliminate the disparities in experience and code depending on the version of email client used (Outlook Windows, Outlook Mac, Outlook Web, Desktop, etc.)

  • Simplify development by unifying code bases

Microsoft deployment and availability plan

This future version of Outlook has already been deployed to users on Mac and Windows, in order to gather feedback on the redesign and develop it further.

Microsoft's aim is to permanently replace Outlook Desktop with this new Outlook in a few years' time (with no precise date yet).

For the moment, this new version is available to users on an optional basis, and the old version coexists with the new one.

How can I try out the new version of Outlook?

On Windows :

By default, users are on Outlook Desktop. If they wish, they can switch to the new Outlook to test it out by activating the "Try the new Outlook" button visible in the top right-hand corner of Outlook.

The user can switch back to the old version at any time by deactivating the toogle.

On Mac:

The "new" Outlook is now the default mail version on the Mac.

To revert to the old version, click on the Help menu and select "Revert to legacy Outlook"

Compatibility with Letsignit deployment modes

The Letsignit Add-in

✅ The Add-in is compatible with the new version of Outlook.

The Letsignit APP

❌ The APP is not compatible with the new version of Outlook on Windows.

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