With the Business offer, make each email a communication opportunity!

  1. From the "Campaigns" section, you have the possibility to create, schedule and manage your marketing banners.

2. With the Starter offer you can only select a signature from predefined templates.  

The Business offer allows you to access the Letsignit DesignerTM, a drag and drop editor that is easy to manage and where you will be able to amend your signatures according to your design.

With the drag and drop tool you will be able to easily create your signatures according to the image of your company by dragging the blocks from the left-side of the editor. Moreover, with the designer you can also crop and apply graphic effects to the media you import as well as send email tests, too.

To know more about the designer, you can watch this video.

3. You have an access to the Multi Signature Business feature that allows you to choose one of multiple combinations of signature and campaign directly from your Outlooks’ signature library, according to your communication needs.

4. Also, the Reply/Forward feature allows users to automatically send a lighter variant of their signature when responding or forwarding an email.

5. Additionnaly  the Business offer allows you to acess your campaign's statistics (number of clicks, details for one user or all of them):

6. Finally, a personalized phone support is available to help you step by step within the solution and answer to your questions. 

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