1. Connect yourself to your letsignit account:

2. Clic on the "Signatures" tab:

3. Click on "New signature" to start creating your first signature :

4. You will see some examples of signatures already created by Letsignit: 

5. Choose the one that suits you and click on "Save" at the top right of your screen

6. You will be redirected to a page allowing you to start your first modifications of the signature:

7. On the left side of your screen, it's possible to assign the signature to any of your users.

8. On the right, you have differents options:

  a) First, you are allowed to modify the priority of your signature. The one with the highest priority will prevail over the others.

   b) You can also modify your logo's color if the one chosen by default doesn't suit you. 

   c) Moreover, you can change your logo and add a clickable link on it.

   d) Finally, you can also do the same with your profile picture.

9. You can add or delete the social network you want:

    a) Clic on "+" to add a new social network.
    b) Clic on "delete" to delete one.
    c) You can add your social network's URL (the link will be clickable).
    d) You can also change the link's name related to your social network

10. Once your modifications are finished, make sure to clic on "save" and then "activate":

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