Letsignit automatically recovers Office 365 groups, security groups and distribution lists/groups from your Azure Active Directory.

If you wish to edit which groups are synchronized to Letsignit and which ones should not, follow these simple steps:

Head to the connectors page and identify the Active Directory connector, then click on "edit".

You will see a Pop up with two tabs, click on the groups' tab. Once in this tab, you can see the full list available groups, deselect the ones you do not wish to synchronize with Letsignit.

Note that you must manually select all groups that you wish to synchronize or remove, selecting a parent group will not select the groups inside.

Click on "apply & synchronize" to apply the changes and wait until the synchronization is done (time may vary depending on the size of your Directory and the number of users and groups.)

You can also filter the view by group type. To do so, simply click on the dropdown menu and select the type of group you wish to examine.

Remember to click on "apply & synchronize" before quitting the page if you wish to modify your current configuration.

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