To create your Letsignit signature in HTML code, go to the "Signature" tab of your platform and open a New signature.

Then, click on Use the Expert mode to import your HTML code.

Then, double-click on "Import HTML".

A window will open, enter your HTML code and click on "Import code".

NB : The <body> and <head> tags are not correctly read by all the email clients. We advise to only import the html code inside those tags. 

Click here to learn about all the good practices to create your signature in HTML code. 

Once your code is imported, you can view your signature. 

If you want to create a Reply/Forward signature, click on the "Reply/Forward" tab and import your html code.

To learn more about the Reply/Forward signature, click here

Then, you can attribute the signature to your colleagues by clicking on the box next to their names and clicking on Activate and Save.

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