The first step in your installation is to import your employees.
For this you can set up a synchronization from your company directory:

  1. Synchronization

The principle of this function is to be able to benefit from automatic synchronization for users declared on an On Premise infrastructure with Microsoft Active Directory type directory servers.
Letsignit must declare an application for the client (appId and appSecret provided) on the Letsignit infrastructure.
Once declared, this application is allowed to run with a Letsignit public API (reachable on
The script provided by Letsignit, adaptable to the client environment, creates a connection to the Active Directory (Microsoft) local, retrieves user data and pushes it through https protocol and JSON technology on the Letsignit Cloud middleware.
To benefit from this function automatically, it will be possible to configure it as a planned task. It is necessary to have some PowerShell skills for configuring the filters of the scripts.

If you want to set this up on your Letsignit platform, here is the link to the technical documentation:

     2. Push API 

Once done you can also activate an API connector, this will allow you to benefit from your signature on the webmail.

   3. SMTP

This function consists of redirecting the mail flow from the client’s local Exchange server(s) to the Letsignit infrastructures. Once received by the Letsignit infrastructure, the email is signed according to the client’s configuration and is sent to the next relay. The following relay may be of 2 types:

The relay belonging to the client (anti-spam gateway type, outgoing filtering equipment) and is reachable on a public IP.
The Letsignit relay made available for customers who do not have a proprietary relay, so the mail goes through a Letsignit relay and is handed over to the final recipient.
This function is accessible by making an appointment with Letsignit support via the Letsignit web interface, clicking on the connected account icon and then in the 'Connector' and SMTP menu.
Click ‘make an appointment with a technician’. You will be contacted for an appointment booking.

If you want to set this up on your Letsignit platform, here is the link to the technical documentation:

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by the online chat :)

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