An user has a shared mailbox in Outlook ?
To enable him to benefit from his sigature with this account, you can follow the steps bellow :

If the SMTP connector is activated for your domain name :

Assign the signature of your choice to the shared mailbox in the designer Assignment section and activate it.

In Outlook, when the user sends messages from the shared mailbox, the corresponding signature will be displayed when the mail is received.

❗ If the user also has the Letsignit app or the addin, the signature of his main account will be added to the message. He will have to delete it manually before sending the mail so the SMTP connector will add the signature of the shared account.

If the SMTP connector is not activated for your domain name:

Create a signature and replace the attributes with a text block by filling in the contact details of your shared mailbox.

Then, assign this signature to the main accounts of your colleagues using this shared mailbox and activate it.

In this example, we have created the Customer Care signature for Justine and Linda. We therefore assign the signature to the accounts "Justine" and "Linda" and not to "Customer Care Letsignit". If Justine and Linda already have a personal signature for their main account, they will have two signatures and the Customer Care address none.

In Outlook, when the user changes the sender's address, he must select the signature corresponding to the shared mailbox:

  • In his Outlook signatures library if the Letsignit app is installed on his computer.

  • In the Letsignit addin if he uses this deployment method.

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