With Letsignit, it is possible to add links containing UTM which tag the signatures/campaigns with Google Analytics. 

What is a UTM? 

UTM tags are a way to follow the origin and identify the visitors to your different marketing operations. They are added to the beginning of URLs in the form of a code that Google Analytics can identify and analyze. 

How to configure your URL? 

There are 5 settings you can configure: . 

“utm_source”: For identifying a search engine, a newsletter or another source. It corresponds to the source of the traffic (for example Google/Facebook).

“utm_medium”: For identifying a medium such as email or the cost-per-click (CPC, CPA) … 

“utm_campaign”: Used keyword analysis and to identify a specific product promotion or strategic campaign. 

“utm_term”: Used for advertisers on the search in order to note the keywords of their advertisement. 

“utm_content”: Used for the A/B testing and content-targeted advertisements to differentiate ads or links pointing to the same URL

A single URL can combine several codes. The links with the UTM are constructed with two components: 

  • The type of settings, for example, utm_code 

  • A value, for example: utm_source=event_MS_Ignite_The_Tour_London 

How to create your URLS? 

You can now manually create or use the URL creation tool with UTM tags: URL Campaign Builder (https://ga-dev-tools.appspot.com/campaign-url-builder/)

Now all that rests is to use your links in your signatures/campaigns and consult your data via Google Analytics.

*Source: https://junto.fr/blog/utm/

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