Letsignit retrieves a predefined list of standard attributes from your Office 365, GSuite or LDAP directory (On premise), these attributes are used to complete the information shown in your signatures. If you need to synchronize other standard attributes please follow the steps below:

Go to the connectors page and launch the synchronization of your directory using the corresponding connector (Office 365, GSuite or LDAP):

Once the synchronization is done, go to the page of the user's attributes, and go to the bottom of the page, once there click on "Add" and select the new attribute that you want to synchronize:

Note: These attributes will be reflected in the rubrica of personalized attributes, in the profile of the users and in the designer.

Once the selected attribute, assign the name with which it will be identified in the profiles of the user and the designer; and click on the validation icon to add it to the list:

In case a synchronization is delted and additional attributes are configured, these will be converted into Letsignit attributes while preserving the user's information.

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