In order for the recipients of your emails to click on the phone numbers of your signature, whatever the device they are read on, go to the "Signature" tab of your Letsignit platform.

Then click on the signature you want to edit or on "New Signature" if you want to create one.

Open the designer by clicking on "Open in designer" to customize your signature.

Double-click the block containing your profile information to edit it.

Click on the drop-down menu at the top right of the block.
Select the Phone attribute that you want to add to you signature.

Highlight the attribute you added and click the icon (shown in the red box in the image below) to insert a link.

A window opens.

  • If you have selected " Primary Phone" :

In the URL field, enter the following information :
tel: {{}} phone.primary

  • If you have selected "Work phone" :

In the URL field, enter the following informations :  
tel: {{}}

  • If you have selected « Mobile phone » :

In the URL field, enter the following information:

Then, click OK. 

The phone number of the signature will now be clickable no matter the email client on which your email will be read :)


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