In many occasions teammates or assistants are required to send or reply to emails as someone else. This need also translates into attaching the corresponding signature to the email.  

To do so, two steps need to be completed, you will need to put in place the SMTP connector and configure mailbox permission to “send as” in your Office 365/GSuite tenant for every concerned user. 

The first step will be to configure the SMTP connector (server-side configuration).

  • To learn more about the SMTP connector for Office 365 click here 

How to set up permissions on Office 365 to send email from another user’s mailbox: 

Scenario: Adele Vance needs to send emails as Chrisitie Cline 

  • Go to your Office 365 tenant admin center, then go to users. 

  • Click on the active users page and from the list, click on the person you want to give the permissions to. 

  • On the mail tab, select Manage mailbox permissions. 

  • Then select send as and click edit. 

  • Select the Add permissions, then chose the name of the person who you want this user to able to send as. 

  • Finally click on save. 

Note: Office 365 requires that the mailbox permissions be enabled for both concerned users.

After this, the person who has received these permissions can change the “from” section of the email before sending and enter the email address over which the permissions were granted. The SMTP connector will detect the new sender and will stamp the email with the corresponding email signature. 

Important: For this to work correctly, the SMTP configuration is required, any signatures added by the Letsignit Desktop App or the Webmail connector need to be removed from the email before sending as someone else.

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