To benefit from your signatures on your Outlook Web APP (OWA), you need to set up the Letsignit connector for Outlook online, which will insert your signatures into Outlook's signature library.

In order to confgure this in the best conditions, here are the prerequisites to follow:
PS: We advise you to do everything with the same email address.


  1. Be an admin on the Letsignit platform

Make sure the person configuring the connector is an Admin in Letsignit, simply log in to Letsignit and go to the Team tab. Find your user and see in the "Role" column the user's rights. To change from user to admin, click on 3 dots to the right choose role and set it to Admin.

   2. Office 365 side:

The selected account must be at least a licensed 'User' (Licenses with Exchange rights: E3, E5... non-exhaustive list), have the rights as  'Application Administrator' (Azure AD side) and  'ApplicationImpersonation' (Exchange Online side).
To do this: log in to your Office 365 tenant and go to Active Users. 

Here, click on your user and view their role:

To change the role, simply click on Manage Roles.

   3. Have an active Exchange license.

Still in your user page, go to the Licenses and Applications tab.
You must have a license with Exchange rights (as stated above):

    4. Apply the ApplicationImpersonation role in Exchange.

To do this, go to the Exchange Administration Center, in the Permissions tab, and add this right to your user:

Once the role is created, you need to name it, choose which role to assign and on which user(s):


Special Cases

There are 2 special cases concerning the API configuration:

The first one is the MFA: depending on how it is configured, it can block the API implementation. We advise you to deactivate it first and reactivate it once finished.

The second case is that of licenses managed by your IT suppliers. If you are in this case, it is possible that you do not have the necessary rights to do the configuration yourself, because your license supplier has the highest admin rights.
In this case, please contact the support for a verification process.


Once these 3 pre-requisites have been checked, you must wait 1 hour before doing the configuration, from the Integrations tab of your Letsignit platform:

Congratulations! Your configuration for Outlook Web App (OWA) works!
All you have to do is wait an hour for Letsignit to push your signatures in your signature library.

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