Only for a certain category of resellers it is possible to create new Letsignit customers directly from this Partner Portal. For some resellers this functionality is not available.

To create a new customer, please click on the "new customer" button, when the creation window opens, fill in the required information:

• The name of the company

• Customer email.

• Language: this is the language in which the welcome email will be sent.

• Country: country where the customer resides

• Number of licenses: licenses you want to provision for this client.

• Recurrence: enter here the type of subscription you want for your customer.

Once you have verified all the customer and subscription information, click on create.

The customer account is now ready for use.

Important: the customer's email is the unique key that allows us to identify a customer. If you try to create an account with an email already registered in Letsignit, the process will fail. Please do not put the email of the reseller in the space reserved for the email of the customer.

A welcome email (with temporary login and password) will be sent to the client's email address. A copy of this email will also be sent to the specified reseller address. If you wish, sending the welcome email can be deactivated.

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