Go to the "my customers" tab, search for and identify the customers you want to connect to under.

Once your client has identified, you must first authorize the client to access their account.

1. For the newly created customer click on the "access request" button. An email is sent to your client to notify them of your request.

2. As long as the request is not accepted you will see: "Pending access".

3. Once the request has been validated, you will see the button: "Connect".

Once the access is authorized, click on the "Connect" button. A second tab will open in the browser and you will now be connected to your client's Letsignit platform.

You are connected as with an email address of the type: PartnerPortalXXXXXX@letsignit.com who will be a Letsignit administrator for your client. Note that it is very important not to delete this address from your client's user base, if your client also connects to this account, be sure to warn them.

You can now create signatures and campaigns for your client or configure the connectors. To configure Office 365 or G Suite connectors, you need an account with the necessary permissions and rights on your client's Office 365 or G Suite tenant. With the email PartnerPortalXXXXXX@letsignit.com you have no rights over your customer's tenant.

at the end of your session please log out of the customer account from the menu at the top right:

Do you want to deploy Letsignit for your customers? click here.

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