Global administrators are now able to force a parent signature by default.

This signature will automatically be the primary signature of all users associated with it and cannot be impersonated by another signature regardless of creation date or priority given.

So when a user has several signatures available in addition to the global priority signature, it will always be the global priority signature that will be systematically displayed by the app for Outlook to each new email.

In the same way, this signature becomes the signature used systematically by the SMTP connector (Azure or Exchange) and by the connector for webmail (Office 365, Exchange or GSuite).

Only one global priority signature can be configured at a time. This means one for each branch (directly inside the branch) and one for the global level.

A global administrator can also connect to its affiliates and set a signature as the default primary signature.

The steps to follow are:

  • Connect to the desired subsidiary.

  • Activate the option in the same way as shown above.

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