During the Ignite 2020 conference, Microsoft unveiled the new Letsignit Add-in for M365. This collaboration with Microsoft teams aims to improve the overall signature experience in Outlook and is the recognition that signing is a big issue!

  1. What exactly is the Letsignit add-in?

An Add-in is a complement natively integrated into M365, which provides various security, control and deployment benefits for IT administrators. Likewise, a native M365 Add-in represents smoother accessibility and usability for end users.

This new Add-ins is about to revolutionize the deployment of signatures on the workstations of hundreds or even thousands of collaborators simultaneously, all from the M365 administration center. Letsignit deployment will now be entrusted to the most natural trusted third party for an M365 user: Microsoft itself!

2. When will it be available?

End of Q1 2021!

The release of the Letsignit add-in was announced by Microsoft in for early 2021.

As of this date, the Letsignit add-in will be mass-deployable from the M365 admin console. All add-in features will be available on OWA and Outlook Desktop

And for ,now?

The Letsignit add-in is testable via our EARLY ADOPTER program in "preview" mode on OWA only for the moment. In this preview, the add-in will have to be deployed manually (without user limit) by following the procedure HERE.

3. What features are available now?

M365 SSO authentication

A single sign-on method governed by the current session of the M365 user. The user just has to click on the Letsignit add-in for the authentication to be triggered (only during the 1st connection, then the authentication will be automatic)

The automatic insertion of the main signature in the email >> only on OWA (for Outlook DEsktop, we will have to wait a little longer 😊) Without user action, with each new email, the Letsignit signature is inserted in the body of the email.

The preview of the signature before sending

View the signature in your email before sending it.

The possibility of choosing another signature directly from the gallery

If you have different signatures, you can easily choose which one you want to use.

Consultation and modification of contact details

If the Letsignit admin allows it, you can modify your contact details, the changes will be automatically reflected in your signature.

Uploading the profile picture

Users can upload or edit their profile picture if the administrator allows it.

Pinning the add-in: so that it always appears

For quick and easy access to your signatures and personal information.

Multi-account management

The Add-in is automatically linked to the Office accounts for which it was deployed, if we change the sender on Outlook and the new sender has also deployed his Add-in, it will update automatically with the details of corresponding profile and signature.

4. How to deploy it in Early Adopter mode?

You can deploy the Letsignit add-in today by signing up for the "Early Adopter" program. For this program, Microsoft has made its APIs available only on OWA, a version for Outlook Windows and expected soon.

Register for the “Early Adopter” program here.

Then follow the procedure described in this FAQ.

5. How does the Letsignit add-in coexist with current deployment methods?

The Letsigntit add-in is a cross-platform add-in, meaning that it is 100% compatible with other Letsignit signature deployment methods.

If there are already other deployment methods in place such as the Push API for OWA, the app for Outlook Windows or the server-side SMTP connector, no risk of double signature (the add-in takes over for insert the signature in the email without conflicts).

Note: Microsoft has not yet given visibility regarding a version of the add-in for Outlook for Mac or for mobile.

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