Some features of the Microsoft API are not yet public. These API features are used in the new Letsignit Add-in for Office 365. To access these features, you must be in the Microsoft Preview environment.

The Preview environment is a way to quickly access these features and upcoming updates before they become available to the public. For more information on the Preview program, click here

To activate the preview option from Office 365 please follow the steps below:

1. In the Administration Center, go to Settings> organization parameters setting, then on the Organization Profile tab, choose publish preferences.

2. To turn on Targeted Publishing for all users in your organization, select Targeted Publishing for Everyone, and then save the changes.

3. When you are finished adding users, select Save Changes.

It may take up to 24 hours for the following changes to be tracked in Microsoft 365. If you decide to stop participating in the Targeted Publishing program after you activate it, your users may lose access to features that have not yet reached the scheduled release level.

How to deploy the Letsignit Add-in in Early Adopter for OWA:

• In preview, the Add-in can only be deployed individually (massive deployment is scheduled for early 2021) and only on OWA. To deploy the Letsignit Add-in, go to your Outlook online, open a new email and identify the menu, then click on "Get Add-ins".

Next, click on "My Add-ins" and scroll to the bottom of the screen:

Click "Add Custom Add-in" and select from URL. Enter the URL given to you by the Letsignit project manager: and click on ok and then on install.

Your Add-in will now be available for the first opening in the menu:

• Then just click on the add-in to trigger automatic authentication (to be done only the 1st time)

• The add-in can be pinned to be automatically visible in the edit window of an email.

• Note: the add-in will deploy automatically on Desktop but in a lighter version for the moment (insertion of the signature on click). The preview of the add-in for Outlook will be available by early 2021

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