Thanks to the new Letsignit designer, you can now add prefixes to your signatures.

These prefixes can be predefined icons or text but you can also add your own text to customize the text prefixes.

How to add a prefix?

Select the block of text to which you need to add the prefix, normally a phone number, address, email, etc. and in the context menu, click on the prefixes to display the submenu. Once the menu is open, please select the icon or text item as you wish. once your choice is made, click on the desired icon / text and it will be displayed in the signature.

In your signatures, if for example you use a prefix for the mobile phone but you did not have a mobile phone value entered, the prefix will not be displayed when the email is sent.

How to customize the text prefixes?

Once in the contextual menu of a text block, click on the prefix option and then on the "text" option.

You can select the font (1) of your prefix as well as the text to display by entering your own text (2)

You can also select the size, color and other style options.

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