There are two ways you can force a personal signature when sending emails from shared mailboxes.

The first is thanks to the Letsignit application for Outlook.

In Outlook, when changing the expeditor's address and entering a shared mailbox address such as “”, it is possible to insert any of the signatures available in the Letsignit application, simply click Click on the Outlook signature gallery and click on the signature of your choice.

In this way you can send an email from an address such as "" and use your personal signature.

The second method requires the installation of the Office 365 SMTP connector and editing the email permissions of users who need to use their personal signature when sending emails from a shared mailbox.

Once the SMTP connector is configured, it is necessary to go to the Office 365 administration console.

Once there, head over to the shared mailboxes section and click on the desired mailbox.

go to the panel on the right and click on mail permissions.

This step is crucial, once in the mail permissions, you must add the users in the “send on behalf" section and remove them from the “send as” section.

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