You can profit from your Letsignit email signatures on emails sent directly from Salesforce thanks to their integration with Gmail.

Before setting up Gmail for Salesforce you need to have configured the Letsignit SMTP connector for Gsuite.

If you already have configured the SMTP connector in Letsignit, follow the next steps to connect Gmail to Salesforce for users in your organization who can send emails directly from Salesforce (for more information about licences and rights click here) :

Log in to your Salesforce account, then click on the settings menu on the top right corner and click on "Setup":

Look at the menu on the left of the screen, and the "Email" tab under "Administration", click on it:

Once in the "Email" tab opened, click on the "Send through External Email Services" tab at the bottom:

Turn on the option that corresponds to Gmail by clicking on the toggle button:

You are almost done, head to one of your accounts and try to send an email as you normally do when you click on "compose" and choose to connect to Gmail with your credentials, validate and then compose your emails as you usually do:

If you have configured the SMTP connector, Gmail for Salesforce and a signature for yourself in Letsignit, your emails will be properly signed when reaching the recipient.

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