To ensure the proper functioning of the add-in, before deploying, please check the prerequisites here.

How to deploy from Outlook Web Access:

The add-in is simultaneously deployed on OWA and Outlook on Windows.

To deploy the Letsignit Add-in, go to your Outlook online, open a new email and identify the menu, then click on "Get add-ins".

Next, click on "My add-ins" and scroll to the bottom of the screen, click "Add Custom Add-in" and select from URL. Enter the URL given to you by the Letsignit project manager: and - Click on ok and then on install.

Your Add-on will be available for its first

opening in the menu:

• Then just click on the add-in to trigger automatic authentication (to be done only the 1st time)

• The add-in can be pinned to be automatically visible in the edit window of an email.

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