Gmail settings impose a limit on the number of characters in the HTML code of the signature. Beyond 10,000 characters, signatures are not displayed.

If you find that the push API does not apply your signature, here are all our tips to reduce the number of characters used :)

To find out the number of characters in your signature, you can drag your mouse over your signature template.

The information will appear at the bottom left.

Tips for reducing the number of characters:

  • Limit the number of blocks. For example, you can use padding instead of blocks of spaces:

The padding is located in the "block format" -> 3rd icon, when you left-click on a block.

You can add space above, below, or on the sides of your block. You can also add a border if you want to insert a separation bar.

  • Remove the tracking:

Indeed the tracking link creates a lot of characters. If you have inserted many links in your signature, the tracking will increase the number of HTML characters considerably.

Be careful, if you remove the tracking you will not be able to see the number of clicks.

  • Use still images or text instead of prefixes:

If your signature's attributes are completed for all of the collaborators for whom it is assigned, you can use still images or text instead of prefixes.

  • Use text blocks instead of attributes:

If the information is the same for all users (like mailing address, website etc..) you can use a text block that will have fewer characters.


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