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SMTP Connector : Filtering users
SMTP Connector : Filtering users

How to filter users going through SMTP route.

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When using SMTP connectors, you may want to have a more precise control over your mail flow going through our servers. By default, configuration made by our automatic wizard creates rules routing mails :

  • from inside your organisation


  • with domain [yourdomain.ext]


  • calendaring, automatic reply, mails with "<>" as From, mails over 30Mo, and mails already gone through our service (marked with X-LSI-Version 1.0 headers)

You can edit this routing rule, in order to only let specific users and/or group to go through our connector, as long as you don't delete any of our exceptions. For security reasons, we're not processing mails we're excluding this way.

To modify your mail flow, your O365 Administrator must go in Exchange administration panel, in Mail Flow => Rules, to find the "Route email to LSI [yourdomain.ext]" as shown below :

Click on the rule to open the side panel, then "Edit rule conditions".

Here you got 2 options : adding a condition, or add an exception.

To add a condition :

Here, you can add any condition, for example, "the sender" => "is this person"/"is member of this group" to target specific users.

To add an exception, go lower and click there :

Then, you can chose which mailboxes you want to exclude, for example, a specific sender, or when the recipient is inside the organisation.

Warning : you cannot exclude a distribution list with "the sender" => "is this person". You need to do it with "The sender" => "address matches one of those text patterns"/"include any of those words"

If you need further assistance feel free to contact our support team

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