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On Premise Local Active Directory Synchronization: Technical Requirements
On Premise Local Active Directory Synchronization: Technical Requirements

Technical requirements verification: Local Active Directory synchronization

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Operating concept

This function is to benefit from an automatic synchronisation for users declared on an On Premise Microsoft Active Directory Server infrastructure.

Letsignit must declare an application for the client (AppId and AppSecret provided) on the Letsignit infrastructure.

Once declared, this application is allowed to operate with a public Letsignit API (reachable at

The provided script, adaptable to the client environment, creates a connection to the local (Microsoft) Active Directory, collects the user data and pushes it via HTTPS protocol and JSON technology to the Letsignit Cloud middleware.

Technical requirements verification

In order to set up a local Active Directory synchronization, please find below all the technical requirements:

  • Minimum Active Directory Server operating system version: Windows Server 2008 R2 or later.

  • Minimum PowerShell version required: Version 4.0 recommended'

  • PowerShell execution strategy for scheduling automation to run the script without execution confirmation: RemoteSigned

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