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Signature : Style display limitations in different email clients.
Signature : Style display limitations in different email clients.
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There are cases in which your email client (Outlook, Apple mail, Gmail, etc.) and even the device you use (mobile phone or computer) will reinterpret the visual style of certain elements regardless of the style applied on Letsignit.

You can read an article here by Litmus, a marketing software for professionals that deal with emailing, in their article they explain why email clients display different styles.

Signature example as seen on the Letsignit designer:

Although the previous link explains in detail why the rendering of the siganture may differ when received, you should know that it may also differ when the message is edited. Again, the rendering capabilities of Outlook or other email clients can generate differences which will add to the variance we see in the end.

The items that are most often changed directly by the email client are email addresses, phone numbers, websites, or links. Normally on these elements a blue color or an underline is forced by the mail client.

Other elements such as the size of the text or even of images alignment according to the signature structure and leading are also sometimes reinterpreted by email clients.

It is important to understand that Letsignit has no control over this. Nevertheless, Letsignit's new designer can help you deal with some cases thanks to its new features. Expert mode will allow you to create fixed structures via tables, layout blocks will help you better control alignments and spaces between elements.

Below you will find examples of the same signature displayed on different email clients and devices:

Webmail clients:


Office 365:

Desktop clients:

Outlook Office 365 Windows 10:

Outlook2016 Windows 10:

Outlook2019 Windows 10:

Mail App:

Outlook 2016 Mac:

Mobile email clients:

Gmail App (iOS 13.4.1):

Gmail App (Android 9.0):

You can see that the renderings are always different and this is independent of our will.

For any further questions, do not hesitate to write to us directly on our online chat :)

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