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Letsignit Partner Portal - Help in english
Access to the Letsignit Partner Portal.
Access to the Letsignit Partner Portal.
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To access the Letsignit Partner Portal go to:

If this is your first connection, request your access by clicking on the "connect with Office 365" button.

Please note that only Office 365 addresses are accepted to request access and to connect to the site.

Once you are authenticated with your Office 365 account, check that the information provided is correct. If it is not the case modify them and once you have validated your contact details, click on "send request"

Your request will be processed by the Letsignit Channel teams who will notify you by email when your access to the Partner Portal is validated.

Once your access is validated go to to connect with the Office 365 account with which you made the request.

Important: There is only one account per Partner. Other members of your company who want to log into your Partner Portal account should not request access. You must write to to request that other users of your company (with a 0ffice 365 account) be able to connect to your space.

After logging in, you will access your dashboard.

You will find there a summary of your Letsignit business:

· Number of Letsignit customers

· Number of corresponding licenses

You can do two main types of actions from the dashboard:

· Create a new customer

· Manage your existing customers

Note: the creation of a new customer is only offered to you if you are a Letsignit partner. If you are a reseller this action will be carried out from your preferred Marketplace.

Want to find out more about the Letsignit Partner Portal? Click here to see our video presentation🎬

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