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First connection : how will my users access the app?
First connection : how will my users access the app?

Find out how one user can connect to the app.

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After having imported the users to the Letsignit platform, you can either invite them directly to download the app (by clicking here) or you can ask your IT service to massively download the apps on all your employees' computers (through the .MSI, available in the connector tab).

Once the app is installed, the user has 3 possible ways to connect to the app:

  • Connecting to their Office 365 account

  • Connecting to their GSuite account

  • Entering their user email that was used on the platform

If you don't have an Office 365 or a GSuite account, Letsignit will invite you to create a connection password for the app.
Enter your email address, then click on "send the email".

Then, consult your emails and click on the button to create a password. Once redirected to the platform, you can set the new password.

After this configuration done, the user can come back to their app to log in and will not have any other actions to do :)

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