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The Letsignit Add-in compatible with mobiles
The Letsignit Add-in compatible with mobiles
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The Letsignit Add-in for Outlook already made it very easy to deploy signatures to all your colleagues on Outlook Windows, Mac OS, One Outlook , Outlook Web (OWA).

Users will now be able to use their Letsignit signatures on iOS or Android mobile phones!*

*Microsoft is currently rolling out this compatibility and will be available to 100% of iOS and Android users by the end of March. Many users are already benefiting from this compatibility!


No action is required on the part of the end user.

  • If the Add-in is deployed to a new user, it will be deployed automatically and simultaneously on all Outlook devices, Outlook Online, Mac OS and Outlook Android and iOS applications.

  • If the Letsignit Add-in has already been deployed on the user's workstation, it will be automatically available.


Outlook application version
The required version of the Outlook application must be at least 4.23.5200

To find out your application version:

Go to the "Help and comments" section, the application version is shown at the bottom of the page.

Check that the Add-in is visible in the add-ons

How do I know if the Letsignit add-in has been lowered on my mobile?

In the Outlook application (Android or iOS)

  • Go to the Settings / Add-ins section

Search for Letsignit Add-in among all the add-ins, it must appear checked.

Which Add-in functions are compatible on mobile phones?

On mobile devices, users do not have access to the taskpanel (the side panel that allows them to modify their attributes, choose other signatures and campaigns from among all those available, etc.).

However, the actions they perform in the taskpanel from Outlook Desktop or OWA will be automatically taken into account on their mobile (see table below).

Mobile compatibility

Transparent authentication (M365 SSO)


Automatic insertion of the main signature in the email (new message, reply/forward)


Preview signature before sending


Embedded images


Internal audience detection


View and change contact details


No taskpane available on mobile

Choose manually another signature or campaign


No taskpane available on mobile

Default user-defined signature


The user can't set a signature by default on mobile (because no taskpane)
but if the user has defined a default signature in their Add-in, this signature will be automatically inserted for each new email, even on mobile phones.

Co-existence with SMTP

If the SMTP connector is already activated on the server side, there is no risk of double-signing. The Add-in takes over and inserts the signature into the email without conflict.

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