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How to deploy the Letsignit Add-in?
How to deploy the Letsignit Add-in?

This article shows you how to easily deploy the Letsignit Addin

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As a global M365 administrator, you can now deploy the Letsignit add-in to all your employees with just a few clicks.

Important: make sure you are logged in to your O365 admin console before deploying the add-in.

Thanks to the simultaneous deployment, the deployment will be done on Outlook Desktop and Outlook Online (OWA) at the same time, without any user action!

What are the conditions to benefit from the Letsignit Add-in?

How to deploy the Letsignit Add-in?

  1. The add-in is deployable only by M365 global administrators.
    You must have the "Global Administrator" role.

  2. Log in to the M365 administration center

  3. Click on the [Deploy Letsignit with Add-in] button in the connectors page!/setup/connectors, more precisely in the section dedicated to the Addin deployment

  4. Once on the Letsignit Add-in page, click on [Get it now] to start the Add-in deployment

From the O365 console, you'll have several choices for deploying the Addin. You can choose to deploy it only for you (for example, if you're in a test phase), for your entire company, or only for specific users or groups of users.

Note that this last option is of interest if you wish to deploy the Addin only for certain users and not others. It also allows you to manage Addin users more fluidly on your side.

If you're in the process of testing the Addin, we don't recommend using the "test deployment" button, but rather deploying the Addin only for yourself, for example.

5. The add-in is also available directly via this link.

Once the deployment is complete, you (the global M365 admin) will receive a confirmation email.

Once the deployment is complete, the Add-in may take several hours (up to 72 hours) to be deployed and operational to all users.

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