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AI campaigns assistant
AI campaigns assistant
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Reveal the full potential of your communication campaigns thanks to the integrated insights of our AI assistant.

This assistant enables you to quickly identify any optimisation or advice you need to make to maximise the impact of your campaigns.

How does it work?

Our AI assistant analyses your current campaigns in real time and notifies you if one of them is affected by one of the scenarios that Letsignit has defined.

4 recommendation scenarios are currently available:

  • The active campaign contains no URL

  • The campaign contains a CTA without a URL

  • The campaign is still running but refers to a date in the past

  • The campaign mentions a date (day, month, year) but has no scheduled end date in the designer's parameters.

Displaying notifications

As soon as a campaign is affected by one of the scenarios defined by Letsignit, a notification appears at the bottom of the "Campaigns" page.

Capture d’écran 2024-03-18 à 14.47.48.png

  • On each notification, you can click on the name of the campaign concerned to open it directly in the designer.

  • You can also ignore a notification by clicking on "Ignore". This notification will no longer appear, unless you modify the campaign and one of the scenarios is identified again.

  • If no scenario has been detected by the AI assistant, only the welcome notification below will be visible.

Capture d’écran 2024-03-18 à 14.47.36.png

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