With the invitations you can send different messages and instructions to your collaborators depending on two main factors:

Which type of emailing service they use? Office 365/ GSuite or other email provider.

Do they need to download the app or just connect to an app that has been already installed (GPO/MSI Instalation)?

Let's go over how to do it:

Once you have added your users, head to the "Team" tab and select the number of users that you need to send the same message.

Then click on the 3 dots to open the menu and click on "Send invitations":

A pop up will be displayed where you can choose a message depending on one the 4 possible combinations, choose the scenario that corresponds to the selected users:

Click on "preview invitation" to verify the message that you will be sending, and if it is the correct one, click on "send invitation".
You can click on go back to modify the message settings.

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