To manage your signatures priority, log in to your Letsignit platform and go to the "Signatures" tab. 

Click on the icon representing three points located bellow the signature you want to edit and then on "Quick change".

Go to the "Priority" tab. 

Select the priority of your choice.
Thus, if your users has several signature attributed to them, the one with the highest priority will be shown in their mailbox. 

NB : If all the signatures asigned to an user have the same priority, the last one created will be shown by default. 

You can also manage a signature priority by clicking on it in the "Signatures" tab of your Letsignit platform.

Go to the "Settings" section at the top of the window and then to "Manage Priority" ; Select the priority of your choice with the cursor.

Once the modifications done, don't forget to save :)

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