The SPF is to reduce the possibility of spoofing by publishing in the DNS a record (of type TXT) indicating which IP addresses are allowed or prohibited to send mail for the domain in question

Depending on your environment, the value to include is :

  • Office 365 and Google environment:

  • Physical environment (Exchange On Premise):

Below is an example SPF record where the value is inserted between v=spf1 (beginning of SPF field) and -all (end of SPF field), the SPF record is type TXT:

v=spf1 ~all


  • If no SPF value exists for your domain, make sure that no other third-party service sends emails on your behalf before creating a SPF to declare Letsignit.

  • If an SPF record is already present for your domain, add it after the other records (separated by a space).

    Remember to check the number of records in your SPF record. (Maximum limit of 10 records).

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