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Letsignit Platform Release Notes
Letsignit Platform Release Notes

Find all the improvements done and the fixed bugs of the Letsignit Platform here

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Release V 1.134.0

In order to have faster Azure and Google synchronizations, we do not synchronize anymore groups that have 0 users.

Release V 1.133.1

Fix: it was no longer possible to scroll certain elements (list of attributes, design elements) in the designers, these bugs have been fixed.

Release V 1.133.0

New ! You can now diversify the communications relayed by your collaborators thanks to the random campaigns feature.

Release V 1.130.0

Standardization of status names displayed in several places in the campaign and signature libraries (status filter drop-down list, status displayed when hovering over the status icon, etc).

Release V 1.124.0

Correction of a problem with the display of certain previews in the signature and campaign libraries.

Release V 1.122.0

As part of the removal of the old designer ( ), all V1 signatures and campaigns have been deactivated and are no longer visible on the Letsignit platform.

Release V 1.119.0

Fix: signatures were no longer displayed in the campaign designer carousel.

Release V 1.118.0

An improvement has been made to optimize signature update time.

Release V 1.116.0

Following the change of Twitter's name and logo to X, the old Twitter picto was automatically replaced by the new X picto in designers, and in existing signatures and campaigns on the platform.

User signatures updates may take some time.

Release V 1.112.0

New! You can now filter your signature and campaign library by assigned user

Release V 1.111.0

  • A tenant_ID check has been added to ensure that the tenant_ID provided during authentication matches that of the user/customer/synchro. In order to secure the connection, some users have received an email inviting them to verify their account.

  • The platform is now available in Spanish again

Release V 1.108

Some signature synchronizations were no longer working, this bug has been fixed.

Release V 1.105

From now on, the platform will no longer be available in Spanish, only in English and French.

Release V 1.104

Improved search by signature and campaign name in the library.

Release V 1.100

  • A problem with creating the Office 365 SMTP connector has been fixed, the script powershell commands have been updated.

  • Various technical updates.

Release V 1.98

  • As part of the V1 designer deletion project, a message announcing the deactivation of the signatures concerned is displayed in the signature gallery.

  • Technical optimizations.

Release V 1.97

  • As part of the old designer removal project, signatures and banners created with the V1 designer can no longer be duplicated.

  • The additional attributes issue from an On Premise synchronization are again available.

  • Optimizations of the text displayed in the subscription page.

Release V 1.95

  • It is now possible to choose the scope of the attributes to be synchronized for Office 365 directories.

  • The directory synchronization window in the connectors page has been redesigned.

Release V 1.94

  • improved signature cache performance

Release V 1.93

  • Correction of the behavior when entering the subsidiary administrator

Release V 1.91

  • We fixed the font differences between the designer and the signature renderer for the addin clients

  • An improvement has been made so that duplicating a signature on the platform takes less time

Release V 1.90.2

  • When a user changed his attributes via the APP or Add-in, he/she temporarily lost his/her assigned signatures. This has been fixed.

Release V 1.90

  • The message displayed for the subscription termination now indicates that a termination will take effect at the end of the customer's current contract.

  • Some synchronization errors are logged to better identify problems related to the processing of a file

Release V 1.89

  • A problem concerning the search filters on the team tab has been resolved.

  • A problem with the file language of the sync report that cause the report to be unavailable has been fixed.

Release V 1.88

  • A problem regarding the number of users assigned to a duplicated signature has been corrected.

  • A problem concerning the Welcome Email has been resolved, all emails are well sent.

  • Text optimizations were made on the Onboarding pages.

Release V 1.87

  • New plans: Letsignit Starter becomes Branding, and Letsignit Business becomes Campaigns.

  • The Branding plan clients, now have access to the signature designer, internal audiences, and signature delegation as well as allow users to choose their own main signature.

  • The purchase of additional licenses is now made in packs of 10 from the subscription page.

  • The feature comparison tab has been updated to reflect the new Letsignit offers.

  • The emails sent by the platform have been updated with the new plan names

Release V 1.86

  • The intercom chat is available again on the signature and campaign pages

  • When assigning an affiliate admin, in the result list, you will now have the First Name Last Name in addition to the email address

Release V 1.85

  • An improvement has been made so that the search for a user on the platform takes less time

  • Fix regarding the APP download links that were no longer visible on the platform or that were broken.

Release V 1.84

  • The social network icons were no longer embedded in the signatures via SMTP. Warning: signatures must be saved again for the fix to take effect.

Release V 1.82

  • After deleting a synchronization, then adding a mapped or custom attribute, the right values were not returned. This has been corrected.

  • Show authorized image formats in designers (JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP)

  • For some clients the synchronization of profile pictures was failing and/or was not complete, this is fixed.

  • OnPrem/CSV synchronization is now done every 6 hours instead of 12 hours (Azure and Google synchronization times are every 12 hours)

Release V 1.81

  • Fixed an issue where default attributes were duplicated when CSV import and sync are used simultaneously

Release V 1.80

  • The replacement of an existing image in the signature and campaign designer was not working, it has been corrected.

  • We are permanently removing the twitter widget in the old designer

  • We have asked our users to update the application to continue to use our services correctly.

Release V 1.78

  • Improvements on internal processes

  • Internal Infrastructure Monitoring Updates

Release V 1.77

  • A problem preventing users from logging in via the home page has been fixed.

Release V 1.76

  • The Hotjar tool, used to analyze platform usage internally, has been retired.

  • Internal technical improvements and updates.

Release V 1.75

  • Increase of the directory synchronisation delay. Automatic synchronization will now be done every 12 hours.

Release V 1.72

  • SMTP separator bug fixed

Release V 1.69

  • [SMTP] Images were no longer being shipped via SMTP. This problem occurred when images were resized in the designer. This bug has been fixed.

  • [PUSH API] Slow operation of the PUSH API (Gsuite and Office) had been reported. Improvements such as removing duplicate tasks have been made for better performance.

  • [Security update] Updating backend libraries to enhance synchronization authentication system

Release V 1.68

  • Groups synchronised in a subsidiary were not deleted when directory synchronisation was switched off.

Release V 1.67

  • When changing the Letsignit account password, the user will be logged out of all sessions and will need to log in again with the new credentials in the app for Outlook and cloud platform.

  • An error message and logs have been added during a customer account provisioning issue for technical and support teams.

Release V 1.66

  • Preparation of the migration of customers who are on the old API

  • Optimization of internal processes for continuous improvement

Release V 1.65

  • Sometimes, images were appearing disproportionate in the signatures, this bug has been fixed

  • When a user was trying to sign up for Letsignit when they already had an account, they were not always redirected to the login page, this issue has now been fixed.

  • An improvement has been made to optimize the processing time when synchronizing photos

Release V 1.64

End-users can choose their own default signature

New feature that allows end-users of the Add-in to choose their own default signature (= the signature that will be inserted in each new mail), among the different signatures that have been assigned to them.

Release V 1.63

  • Resellers could no longer contact support from the Partner Portal, this bug has been fixed.

Release V 1.62

  • Fixed the sync report that was not available for some clients

Release V 1.61

Refactoring and standardization of authentication methods on the platform to have a more solid and maintainable code.

Optimizations and standardization of the "continuous integration" and "continuous delivery" process in our cloud services.

Updated the version of Flask to ensure the handling and functions delivered by our back-end.

Release V 1.60

We have added alert messages in the synchronization editing mode to indicate to clients the impact of unchecking a domain name or filtering users by group

Release V 1.59

  • For SMTP clients, we have resolved a setting that prevented automatic configuration

  • As part of the ISO 27k certification process, we have enhanced the existing flow for deleting clients once they put an end to their contract

Release V 1.58

Fixed bugs:

  • We fixed attribute mismatches when a prefix was placed in front.

Release V 1.57

Fixed bugs:

  • PP resellers can now use the "view as" function (bug observed in a few customers only)

Release V 1.56.0 (2022/04/27)

Security fix

  • Fixed enumeration of user endpoints (related to security audit)


Release V 1.55.0 (2022/04/14)

What's new :

  • Ability to embed images from a signature deployed with the Add-in!
    The Add-in can now take into account the image insertion mode that has been defined in the designer and embed or not the images.

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed a bug in the display of the team page during a synchronisation, the page is now refreshed at the end of the data synchronisation.


Release V 1.53.0

  • Upgrade middleware projects, library updates to reach the standard defined by the team.

  • Migration from Flask-Security to Flask-Security-Too (Flask security is a mechanism (a library) that manages authentication data, sign-up, login, password change.)

  • Add list of embedded images for Add-in (back-end only)

  • Upgrade remaining cloud projects (Stats, Messages, Auth, Intercom, Signature Cache, etc)


Release V 1.52

  • Removal of flask access for the collaborators who left the company

  • Correction of the FAQ links of the new intercom database (removal of the duplicate FAQ and the no longer available ones, change of the links on the platform so that it points to the new collection)

  • We corrected the security flaw on the message library so that we will no longer be vulnerable to cyber-attacks

  • We added a limitation when uploading an image via URL if it exceeds 500kb (as it is already the case for images uploaded via a file)

  • to follow the evolution of the addin park, we added a datawarehouse table

Release V 1.51

What's new:

  • The Hotjar tool has been connected on Signatures, Campaign, Designer pages for internal use regarding user experience analysis.

  • Standardisation of data sent to Intercom in compliance with GDPR standards

  • Updated Redis for the services: Middleware, Datawarehouse, Partner Portal, Caron.

  • Optimization of MongoDB queries for photo synchronization.


Release V 1.50

What's new:

  • The new subscription page: following our new business vision, we had to update the price tags and make the subscription page info clearer. Customers are only be able to purchase licenses in packages of 5.

  • Fixed the bug of customers without signature because of accents in their email

  • Updated the customer data stored in our database correctly by reducing the time of synchro on prem.

  • Removed an endpoint that was duplicating another endpoint

  • we corrected a flaw that gave access to the "user role" to certain "admin role" settings


Release V 1.49

What's new:

  • Tests were made to prepare the MongoDB upgrade to version 5.0


Release V 1.48

What's new :

  • Upgrade Flask to the newest version: V2

Fixed bugs:

  • Security has been upgraded on the Celery python package, by upgrading to the latest version of Celery (V 5.3.2) and Redis (V4.1.0).

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -

Release 23/12

[INFRA Cloud SMTP] Security Update: Fixed security issues related to CVE-2021-44228 and CVE-2021-45046 (log4J)

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -

Release V 1.46

  • In the team page, the information in the connection column will now be organized in alphabetical order

  • In the CSV file, the date of the extract will now have this new format: 07/23/2021 09:01:56 (milliseconds will no longer be visible)

  • Fixed the bug where the modal "are you sure you quit?" appeared a second time in the customer journey when the customer had already answered "yes"

  • Fixed the bug where when saving a signature, a red notification with "undefined" appeared

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -

Release V 1.45

Technical topics

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -

Release V 1.44

  • Customers now have the possibility to come and cut an attribute at a specific location in the expert mode of designer V2

  • We have also made a lot of technical improvements to make the platform more stable (ex: strengthen our alert system to better fix bugs)


Release V 1.43

What's up :

It is now possible to use the "view as" feature on signatures in expert mode.

Bugs fixed:

A correction on the calculation of groups has been mad

Various improvements and optimizations on the date picker in the designer campaigns have been implemented.

In the mode of signature duplication in the branches there was a limit of 100 branches to display, this limit is now 150.

When closing the synchro report page, the redirection is done correctly on the dashboard and no longer on a 404 page.

A bug with the formatting of prefixes in the new designer was made.


Release V 1.42


  • [DESIGNER] Ungroup images from campaigns and signatures in the upload image library. This will only be valid for new uploaded images. The old images will still be present in both, we cannot tell where they were uploaded from.

  • To be able to deselect a block by clicking again on it in the designe

  • [UI] Show the user that the icons displayed on a signature or campaign are clickable (signatures or campaigns page


  • The display of% logged in users in the dashboard insert was not correct, it has been fixed (+ a ~ symbol will now be displayed in front of the value if the latter has been rounded)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from being able to click on "edit your details" in onboarding

  • When we added a team widget in a signature, sometimes we could not decrease the size of the image, a fix was made to prevent this

  • The save notifications were missing during a campaign assignment (eg: display the save popup "are you sure?" If the customer exits this window without saving ")


Release V 1.41

  • The display of "none" attributes in expert mode signatures has been fixed, the mention is no longer visible in the signatures.

  • A problem with the display of an image block's icon has been fixed. The placeholder is correctly displayed again when there is no image uploaded to the library.

  • In the designer, you can again make use of padding on the parent block.

  • A correction was made on the calculation of the default priority of signatures.

  • When a signature / campaign URL is invalid, it points to a 404 error page instead of a 500 error.


Release V 1.40

  • Removal of the automatic crop on an image uploaded in the designer

  • Clarify in the connectors page the non-compatibility of the Add-in for the semi-annual channel users

  • Gif strange behavior in the designer V2

  • A pop-up to switch to business plan was displayed in the campaign tab when the customer is already in business


Release V 1.39

  • Correction on the appearance of brackets in custom attributes

  • Be able to create a signature from an empty template

  • The selection of an element remains visible while it is selected in the designer

  • Ability to return to the line a text element too long in a signature

  • Possibility to center blocks vertically in the designer


Release V 1.38

  • Bugs related to statistics :

  1. Display problem on the statistic tab

  2. Error message when downloading stats

  3. Curve does not load in the statistics tab

  • fixed a bug that made it impossible to launch a user sync because "a sync is already in progress


Release V 1.37

  • The notification of license overrun is no longer displayed in the dashboard.

  • To be able to remove in a secure and automatic way a PP reseller by the distri api

  • Missing email notifications on the distri side (except Microsoft MP)

  • Remove the creation of signature/campaign on V1


Release V 1.36

  • At the end of the onboarding, the customer will arrive directly on the designer V2 (and not V1)

  • Integration of the 3 new American templates in the onboarding and in the designer in "templates" in position 8, 9, 10:

  • The addin will now be proposed in the onboarding (by selecting O365)

  • Limitation of the storage of statistical data to 18 months.


Release V 1.35

  • Ability for support to retrieve and view logs from the Add-in:

  • It will be possible for support to activate the retrieval of logs for an Add-in user and track them on Datadog

  • Ability to export a client's database

  • Ability to filter Azure syncs on the employeeID attribute

  • Fixes: signatures not available in the APP due to a problem with Onprem sync (CEIDF)


Release V 1.34

What's new :

  • The Office 365 Add-in is now proposed among the possible deployment modes in the connectors page.

  • In the V2 designer, it is possible to embed icon prefixes (including team icons)

Fixed bugs:

  • A bug when creating dynamic groups with Letsignit attributes has been fixed.


Release V 1.33

What's new :

  • Limit the size of the images that can be uploaded to the V1 designer.

Fixed bugs:

  • Correction on the display of sync or push API connection alerts.

  • [LSI Cloud] SMTP configuration disappears

  • Error messages related to the activation of a signature/campaign are no longer displayed

  • Correction of the integration of the teams widget in the signature

  • Separator bug (SMTP)


Release V 1.31

What's new :

  • Add the signature symbol without campaign in the context V2

  • Add notification on the dashboard when a token is lost (sync/push)

Fixed bugs:

  • Image import via url does not work on the platform with designer v2

  • Error displaying designer V2 phone

  • Sometimes the programming of the campaign date does not seem to be taken into account

  • Image display problem in the signature when it is embedded

  • The start date of a completed campaign is no longer displayed

  • Error logs of synchronization for groups and users


Release V 1.29.7

What's new :

  • Download of the Mac M1 APP version is now available in the platform.

Fixed bugs:

  • Implementation of PUSH API OnPrem + 0365

  • User information import problem ( Gsuite )

  • Export CSV users empty after adding an attribute

  • attribute sync problem ( Gsuite )

  • The user after having had the status of admin then user is no longer in the branch


Release V 1.29.3

What's new :

  • designer V2 : modification of template 2 for more than it triggers notifications

  • designer V2 : change the limit of the warning on the width to 350px instead of 300px

Fixed bugs:

  • Users are no longer displayed in the group preview window (DESIGNER V1)

  • Georgia font changes to Calibri

  • Junot: No options available when adding profile picture to editor

  • Display size problem for images in designer v1

  • Does not have access to the "block format" directly by clicking on the block containing its profile picture, must first click on another block and return to this one for it to work


Release V 1.29.0

What's new :

  • Be able to filter the sync by excluding non-active users from the O365 directory

  • DESIGNER V2 [UX] Make the creation/management of reply signatures clearer

  • DESIGNER V2: New attribute management for expert mode and links

Fixed bugs:

  • Remove the link to access the manual config FAQ for SMTP

  • Bug send invitation download app from signature / assignment V2

  • Bug display filtered view / sort on number of users

  • Duplication of campaign impossible

  • [Addin] the notion of "add in" does not appear in the team tab in the connection part

  • When you enter a url in designer v2 the space before (and after) are not deleted

  • Problem number of subsidiary

  • Error displaying LSI platform Microsoft Edge

  • aliases that are embedded in groups+signatures without aliases

  • App invitation does not work from the "Assignment" page in "Signature".


Release V1.24.0

What's new :

  • Signature / campaign delegation: This feature allows you to give access to another user's signature / campaign. It is available from the "team" area and only applicable for users of the Letsignit Desktop application.

  • Possibility to create signatures and campaigns with the same name in each subsidiary

  • Attributes: direct access to an FAQ to consult equivalences and manage attribute mapping

  • Campaigns: An error message is displayed when uploading a file which format is not supported

  • Various UX improvements on the attribute reset functionality: possibility to reset all attributes in a single action ( per user), implementation of a tooltip when hovering over the reset button to show the 'initial' directory value which can be recovered by clicking on “reset ”

Fixed bugs:

  • Designer V2: signature preview display problem in the user interface

  • Designer V2: fixed a bug related to the application of a background color

  • Bug on the display of a signature with campaign in the preview of the test email

  • Bug when using variable reset

  • Timeout problem on the .csv export

  • Bug when using variable reset

  • Subscription page: the "cancel" button could be clicked several times

  • Designer V1: User display problem in the assignment section


Release V1.22.1

What's new :

  • Designer V2: When creating a new signature in Designer V2, by default the name of the signature is "My new signature" instead of a number sequence.

  • Designer V2: From now on, errors concerning the character limit for a signature be displayed when reaching the limit.

  • Designer V2: By default, when adding a link in a signature, it will always appear underlined. The underline can then be removed manually via the "underline" option in the context bar. This behaviour applies to all types of links (attribute, text block, etc.)

Fixed bugs:

  • Duplicating some signatures did not work

  • Designer V2: Signature preview did not work when inserting html block

  • Signature viewing problems on Mobile (Designer V2)

  • Concerns about managing the spacing between two variables on certain mobiles.

  • Problem of changing to the line and unwanted justification in reception on certain mobile

  • When selecting multiple blocks in a signature, it was not possible to change the font.

  • V2 signatures were not showing in the campaign preview


Release 1.21.0

What's new :

  • The new Letsignit signature designer is now available for all customers in the Business offer and in the Trial period. You can read our FAQ here.

  • (New designer) Compatibility with GIF type images for the image block and the logo block.

  • (New designer) Redesign of the navigation bar between signature creation and user affection. Redesign of the button to save and redesign of the button to access the preview and send a test email, this button is now found next to the button to save.

  • Downgrade of the business plan: Any new signature created in the Business plan or during the trial period will be deactivated and inaccessible when the subscription is downgraded to the Starter plan.

  • Migration of Azure Letsignit APIs: The Azure APIs which validate authentications when connecting to the app, the platform and the connector settings have been migrated to the Letsignit tenant. Customers who benefit from admin consent through their Azure portal will be able to give their login consent on behalf of all of its users.

  • The Viadeo icon has been added to the list of available social networks.

  • In the sign up page, the Terms & Conditions are now accessible via a link that redirects to a dedicated landing page.

Fixed bugs:

  • The bug regarding the display and alignment of prefix icons has been fixed.

  • Various graphic optimizations and translations have been done in the platform and the designer.

  • A message has been set up when trying to quit the designer without saving, by clicking on the settings and profile menu.

  • The modal of the choice of designer is now well displayed when trying to create a new signature from the board.

  • Special characters are no longer admissible in the signature names of the new designer.

  • A graphic bug regarding the assignment of a group in the new designer has been fixed.

  • The intercom display problem on the new designer and the V2 context has been fixed.

  • Fixed an issue with the signature preview when the user does not have a profile picture.

  • The attribute formatting (uppercase, lowercase, etc.) is now well displayed in the new designer.


V 1.18.0:

What's new:

  • In the Beta designer, it is now possible to set a signature or campaign as the default top priority and to block the edition of a signature for any affiliate admin (this feature was already available in the current designer)

  • Gsuite users can now assign signatures for their Aliases (this feature is available on request from Customer Care)

  • In the new Beta designer, on MAC the shortcut to cancel an action is now CMD Z instead of CTRL Z.

Fixed bugs:

  • Patches have been fixed to improve the rendering when migrating a signature from the current designer to the beta designer

  • A bug on the change of font when adding a prefix in front of an attribute has been fixed in the Beta designer.

  • In the beta designer, a menu display problem on Safari has been fixed

  • In the reply/forward signature preview mode it was always the main signature that was displayed. This problem has been fixed


V 1.9.3:

What’s new:

  • It is now possible to manage the formatting of attributes in Expert Mode.

  • Various optimizations for synchronization. There is now a sync limit of 10,000 users and 10,000 groups. This limit is easily removed by the support team on demand.

Fixed bugs:

  • Correction of closing a pop-up after manually configuring the SMTP connector

  • Following the update of user’s attribute in the signature settings, it was not correctly reflected in the designer and in the signature from the signature settings

  • Fixed a bug linked to the updating of logos in the templates when changing the template following the onboarding

V 1.9.2:

What’s new:

  • A zero state business has been set up in the statistics tab when there is no data yet.

  • A zero state starter has been set up in the statistics tab

  • Redesign of the "end of trial" pop up.

  • In when manually adding a user, the button "to invite" was changed by "add".

Fixed bugs:

  • The notification email when a user is named delegate admin of a tenant, is now sent in the correct language.

  • A license consomption issue on a second tenant has been fixed.


V 1.9.1:

What’s new:

  • The Office 365 SMTP automated process has been optimized, it is now divided into 2 configuration phases (Letsignit phase and Office 365 (auto or manual configuration).

  • It is now possible to request the removal of a secondary tenant.

  • When a user is named delegate admin of a secondary tenant, it is notified by email.

  • Pop up redesign to invite users to download / connect to the app.

  • It is now possible to invite groups to download / connect to the app.

  • The display by page has been introduced in the team, signature and campaign tabs, the infinite scroll has been removed, to improve the loading time of the page.

  • The G Suite "Work Address" and "Business Phone" attributes are now synchronized by default.

  • SMTP configuration email notifications have been optimized.

Fixed bugs:

  • The profile information is now well displayed in the signature preview when editing the profile information.

  • A problem with deleting groups after having stopped a directory synchronization has been corrected.

  • A problem with searching (by first name) users from an on premise synchronization has been fixed.

  • When a directory is synchronized in different tenants, the groups are no longer removed from the original tenant, thus avoiding the loss of users.

  • A problem with creating a secondary tenant has been fixed.

  • A problem with the list of users during a CSV import has been fixed, the list is no longer tripled.

  • The problem when trying to remove a separation block in the signature template 3 has been fixed.


V 1.9.0:

What’s new:

  • Multi Tenants: Possibility to perform multiple directories synchronization in separate Letsignit spaces, all attached to the same billing and management of licenses. You can check the FAQ here.

Fixed bugs:

  • A problem of domain name filtering has been fixed.

  • Fixed a bug on the Exchange push API config.

  • A problem with the links to change the password has been fixed.

  • A correction was made for the case of a standard group that had no signature if a user from the group was also singularly selected in the settings of this signature.

  • A problem with tracking links on phone numbers has been fixed, and phone numbers are now clickable.

  • The problem with missing animations when duplicating a signature in the signature library has been fixed.


V 1.8.1:

What’s new:

  • An informative text is now in place to explain that when an account is linked to an Office or GSuite authentication, the password cannot be changed in Letsignit.

  • Expert mode: The management of "logic type" blocks like {% if ...%}, are now well managed.

Fixed bugs:

  • Expert mode: the name of the attributes is now well taken into account according to the language established on the platform (FR, ES or EN). Once registered, the name is automatically translated into the system name attributes.

  • When uploading a logo from the signature settings page, the logo is now displayed automatically on the signature preview .

  • Visual optimizations were done to the On Premise connector.


V 1.8.0:

What’s new:

  • On premise connectors are now in place to configure an OWA Exchange Push API and local directory synchronization.

  • An industrialized process for the Office 365 SMTP connector is now in place.

  • Implementation of an account cancellation request process from the subscription page.

  • Ability to add UTMs to tag signatures and campaigns with Google Analytics.


V 1.7.0:

What’s new:

  • Expert Mode: It is now possible to import HTML code to create custom signatures. You can check the FAQ here.

  • New invitations for users: A new user invitation process is in place, offering the possibility to choose a message to be sent based on the type of email service and whether the application is downloaded or not. check the FAQ here.

  • Set up the app from the admin platform. (and redesign of the downloads page 😊) It is now possible to preset and lock the app settings from the admin platform (from version 1.6.2 of the app and onwards).

  • Variables management for social network icons: Thanks to the use of attributes, it is now possible to personalize the icons of social networks with the information of each user. You can check the FAQ here.

  • Splash screen: A screen with the flashing Letsignit logo in sin palce in order to make the connection time more dynamic.

  • Pop ups for the tial and the upgrade confirmation to the business offer were redesign.

  • It is no longer possible to change the password of an account linked to OAuth (Office 365 / Gmail).

Fixed bugs:

  • The default border of the "last tweet" has been removed.

  • [SMTP] Capitalized domain names are no longer corrupted.

  • [SMTP] Corrected signature placement problem.

  • Graphic corrections were made at the end of the onboarding.

  • Various visual corrections in the password reset pages were made.


V 1.6.2:

What’s new:

  • Manage multi-logos thanks to a new library read the FAQ here.

  • Filter the statistics by link (in the search options panel).

  • Go back to the previous step during the onboarding.

Fixed bugs:

  • Various bug fixes in the Onboarding.

  • Fixed a bug in the statistics: malfunction of the "clear" button in the search options panel.

  • The link to the Office 365 Push API Connector FAQ have been updated.


V 1.6.1:

Fixed bugs:

  • A problem with signature recovery has been fixed.

  • A problem accessing the team tab has been fixed.

  • A problem with sending the email to change the password has been fixed.


V 1.6.0:

What’s new:

  • It is now possible to block or hide the default attributes for users in the app.

  • The synchronization of the directory can now be filtered by group, it is also possible to retrieve security groups.

  • Overhaul of the connectors page.

  • It is now possible to delete multiple users or groups at once.

  • The company field is now available in the user profile information.

  • During a first connection, the user is redirected to connect via SSO or to create a new password, depending on the type of email entered.

Fixed bugs:

  • A display error regarding groups and users in the signature settings page has been fixed.

  • At the end of the onbaording, the profile picture of the admin no longer deforms.

  • A problem with the logo registration during onboarding has been fixed.

  • On the page to reset the password, the "update and connect" button, now redirects to the dashboard.

  • A problem with removing users has been fixed.

  • A problem with the number of users displayed in the "Subscription" tab has been corrected.

  • Socket events are now well triggered.

  • Encrypted tracking links no longer cause notifications of new signatures in the app.


V 1.5.1:

What’s new:

  • In the login page, it is now possible to make the password visible , by clicking the pictogram.

  • Visual optimizations were made in the login page.

Fixed bugs:

  • In the team tab, the conection pictograms have been fixed.

  • Various optimizations have been made on onboarding.

  • Tooltips display all the characters of the name of a signature or a campaign.

  • The signature, campaign and group pictograms have been added to the user information panel on the signature settings page.

  • The password creation page has been corrected.

  • In the search options, the drop-down menus are complete and accessible.

  • The tooltips change in the correct language.

  • The welcome message on the dashboard was corrected at the end of the onboarding.

  • A problem with the removal of the group administrator when deleting a domain name has been fixed.

  • G Suite groups are well recovered during a synchronization.

  • A problem with the trial period pop-up has been fixed.


V 1.5.0:

What’s new:

  • A new Onboarding is now in place, the account creation experience is now split into 3 steps (Customizing the profile, quickly creating a first signature, downloading the App).

  • The "Company name" field present in Azure directories is now well recovered during a first connection.

Fixed bugs:

  • In the dashboard, the "Last Groups" widget now displays the content based on the date added and not in alphabetical order.

  • The clicks of a deleted signature / campaign, are well reported in the statistics tab.

  • In the designer, a display problem due to the size of the screen, has been fixed.

  • A problem viewing with profile photos in the pop up to invite to download the app, has been fixed.

  • In the signature settings, the text field that names the signature, does not change size or move items aside, even if the name of the signature is very wide.

  • When you move the mouse pointer over the name of the signature, the name remains static.

  • The pop up to send a test campaign, now displays the complete banner.


V 1.4.17:

What’s new:

  • The disclaimer widget has been added to the signature editor.

  • In the "team" tab a tooltip has been added to the padlock pictogram to explain that a group from the directory can not be deleted or modified.

  • The download URLs of the app have been updated.

  • The FAQ links for importing users with a .csv file has been updated.

Fixed bugs:

  • A problem with GIFs has been corrected.

  • The style of registration and signature activation / campaign notifications have been harmonized.

  • Various optimizations concerning the text font have been made.


V 1.4.15:

What’s new:

  • In the Dashboard and signature / campaign settings, the zero state of the "Groups" element has changed visually, and when clicked the admin is sent to the groups creation.

  • The data in the trial period activation emails has been updated and optimized.

  • The invitation email to download the app has been optimized.

Fixed bugs:

  • A problem with the recovery of "extension attributes" has been fixed.

  • The activation pop-up of an unnamed signature has been fixed.

  • In the dashboard and in the "team" tab, the blank states of the "last users", "last groups" elements have been corrected.

  • The Office 365 and Google buttons have been harmonized in the account creation page.

  • The list of users is displayed correctly only once, even if you click on the same group more multiple times .


V 1.4.14:

What’s new:

  • Creating Letsignit groups! It is now possible to create groups independent of the directory (Standard Groups).

  • The invitation to download the app is no longer sent automatically when adding users, the admin can still send this invitation from the platform.

  • In the connectors page, the link to the Google Push API FAQ has been updated for the English version.

Fixed bugs:

  • Code refactoring for default attribute processing and custom attributes.

  • The problem with the "round" effect for images has been corrected.

  • Stats:
    The click table correctly respects filtering when switching to the following pages.
    Graph display per week is now well managed.
    A tooltip is now in place to display the names of signatures / campaigns that exceeds the width of the filter field.


V 1.4.13:

  • Letsignit Statistics! (Letsignit Business)
    A new tab is available in the main navigation bar, it is now possible to view complete information on the number of clicks made according to specific dates, search by signature or campaign, and export data (csv). A graph shows the evolution of the overall performance of clicks recorded on signatures and campaigns.

Fixed bugs:

  • A problem with the synchronization of the last tweet has been fixed.

  • It is no longer possible to exit the signatures / campaigns settings via the navigation bar if the latest changes are not validated or canceled.

  • In the connectors page, the link to the FAQ has been corrected for the "impersonation rights" message (Office 365 API).

V 1.4.12:

  • Update / correction of internal procedure.


V 1.4.11:

Fixed bugs:

  • A problem with Azure sync has been fixed.

V 1.4.10

What’s new:

  • In the team tab there is now a space dedicated to the display of groups (Office 365 groups). It is now possible to consult users in a group. Users will also be displayed in alphabetical order (first name).

  • Custom attributes created in a local Exchange synchronized with Azure (On Premise Extension Attributes) are now compatible with Letsignit.

Fixed bugs:

  • (regression) A user deleted from the platform, no longer retains a signature / campaign.

  • Corrections have been made for users synchronized with oauth_user_id.


V 1.4.9

What’s new:

  • The Google SMTP connector is now in place for configuration.

  • A new onboarding is now in place, it is an introduction to the process of creating a first signature.

  • It is now possible to add a "mail to" function on a banner, from the campaign designer.

  • The 15 "on Premise Extension Attributes" are now well managed, the custom attributes created in a local Exchange synchronized with Azure are well recovered by Letsignit.

Fixed bugs:

  • The dashboard for users has been harmonized.

  • Translation problems in the Spanish version have been fixed.

  • Refactoring of the logs concerning the update in real time of the app.


V 1.4.4

What’s new:

  • The platform is now available in Spanish.

Fixed bugs:

  • A user who has been deleted from a group in the directory no longer benefits from a signature / campaign in the Webmail if such group is assigned to a signature / campaign.

  • A problem uploading images from the profile and the designer settings has been fixed.

  • The link to the FAQ to download a .csv file no longer redirects to an error page.

  • The search field pictogram has been corrected (color).


V 1.4.3

Fixed bugs:

  • It is no longer possible to exit Signature / Campaign settings by clicking on the navigation bar before confirming / canceling changes made to a signature / campaign.

  • Style correction and harmonization of the "last tweet" field in the account settings page.

  • The pop-up for the trial period has been updated.

  • A graphical bug on the Login page has been fixed.

  • Text in the welcome emails has been optimized.

  • In the designer the borders that help visualize the placement of the blocks have been harmonized.


V 1.4.2

Fixed bugs:

  • An admin is no longer blocked when changing the number of licenses from the subscription page.

  • Attributes rendered unmoditable by the admin, remain blocked in the app for the user, but the admin can continue to modify them from the platform.

  • The value of the attribute "main phone" when added manually in the platform, is now well taken into account.

  • A problem to remove users after deleting a synchronization has been fixed. Deleting users is now well managed.


V 1.4.1

Fixed bugs:

  • A problem with the GSuite synchronization has been corrected.


V 1.4.0

What’s new:

  • It is now possible to Synchronize custom attributes from Azure + G Suite directories.

  • It is now possible to create attributes directly on the Letsignit platform, these attributes are independent of the directory.

Fixed bugs:

  • When manually adding attributes to the designer, the attribute list no longer appears in the background.

  • The text on the Welcome emails has been optimized.


V 1.3.12

What’s new:

  • It is now necessary to contact the support team via a dedicated procedure to set the Office 365 SMTP connector.


V 1.3.11

What’s new:

  • After deleting a directory synchronization, it is now possible to delete users from the team tab.

Fixed bugs:

  • In the Dashboard, the changes made on the items: last users, last groups, last signature and last campaign; are well displayed when changing tabs, without the need to refresh the page.

  • In the user platform, elements in the Dashboard have been visually optimized.

  • The link (FAQ) on the pop-up that informs about a rights issue to configure the Office 365 Push API has been fixed.

  • In the password selection page, the color of the button to update the password has been corrected.


V 1.3.10

Internal Procedure Update/Correction.


V 1.3.9

What’s new:

  • In the SMTP configuration screens, a new explanatory text has been added for the case where there is an anti-spam service in place.

  • Ability to restart the SMTP authorization procedure.

Fixed bugs:

  • The profile pictures in the users panel in signature / campaign settings are now correctly displayed.

  • The "inactive" status is now well taken into account for the signatures, they do not stay in draft when deactivated.

  • In the downloads page, the Mac section (text and buttons) to download the Mac app, no longer disappears.


V 1.3.8

Fixed bugs:

  • The explanation for the SMTP configuration process has been corrected and optimized in the English and French versions.

  • The "send message" button in the team’s tab has been optimized.

  • The pop-up that informs insufficient rights to synchronize no longer leads to an invalid FAQ.


V 1.3.4

Fixed bugs:

  • Now in the dashboard, when clicking on " live signatures / campaigns ", the admin is redirected to the library of signatures / campaigns sort by status, with the "live" elements at first .

  • Sync issues with the last tweet have been fixed.


V 1.3.3

What’s new:

  • The SMTP connection for Office 365 is now in place! The new SMTP feature will allow the placement of email signatures in all emails sent from an Office 365 account, ensuring full coverage for all devices. Letsignit becomes 100% mobile! To set up the configuration, a new SMTP connector has been added to the connectors page.

  • Last Tweet. It is now possible to add the latest news from a Twitter account below the signatures or campaigns. A widget dedicated to this feature has been added to the designer. The account information can be changed in the 'team settings' tab.

Fixed bugs:

  • It is no longer possible to have duplicate names in the signatures or campaigns library after making a name change from the "quick changes".

  • In the user's platform, the text that informs the absence of a signature or campaign has been harmonized with that of the app.


V 1.3.0

What’s new:

  • A new design following our new brand guidelines is now in place across the platform. New colors can be found mainly in the log in page, logo, navigation bar and some elements and widgets inside the platform.

  • When changing the name of a signature / campaign, if the admin wants to leave the page without saving, an alert is now in place.

Fixed bugs:

  • The pop-up for saving changes has been removed if there were no changes made in the campaign settings.

  • When a signature / campaign name is changed and saved, the notification of the action has been removed in order to render a cleaner platform.


V 1.2.15

Fixed bugs:

  • The text format in the platform has been harmonized.

  • The notification for a manually launched synchronization has been optimized in the french version .

  • The behavior of the pop-up regarding the trial period has been corrected.

  • In the trial period pop-up, the CTA button can no longer be spammed.

  • The update notification for team settings has been corrected and optimized.

  • A problem of text translation has been fixed during the change of language. All text is now displayed in the correct language.

  • In the Dashboard, the "Last Users" widget has been optimized, the blank state is no longer displayed after adding a user, a + button to add users is now available at the top of the widget.


V 1.2.13

What’s new:

  • In the Signatures and Campaigns settings page, the user information panel is now displayed on the right side in the "user data" tab.

  • It is now possible to leave the signature / campaign settings page by pressing the Esc key, this redirects to the signature / campaign library.

  • When in the account or profile settings tabs, it is now possible to return to the Dashboard by clicking on the Letsignit logo in the upper left corner.

Fixed bugs:

  • In the Dashboard, the Live Signature and Live Campaign items are correctly displayed.

  • The WhatsApp widget has been optimized, now you just need to fill in the phone number in the correct format: + sign followed by the country code, and the phone number without the zero (+33 123456789) for the case of France, and for the US, + sign followed by the 10 digits (+1 123-456-7890).

  • The wording for the selected template frame, has been corrected.

  • It is possible to create or modify a signature or campaign even if all licenses are consumed, there is no more pop up alert.

  • When a user logs into their Dashboard, the display of pictograms showing the active status of the signature / campaign has been corrected.

  • In the French version of onboarding the text has been corrected.


V 1.2.12

What’s new:

  • In the Signature and Campaign settings pages, the connected in admin is now displayed first and separated from the user list for a more understandable user experience.

  • New campaign (Live, upcoming, draft, inactive) and signature statuses (Live, draft and inactive) have been introduced to better inform the current state of campaigns and signatures.

  • The "State" attribute is now supported and displayed in the profile panel.

  • In the signature template selection page, the selected template is now displayed with the "selected template" mention for a more understandable user experience.

  • In the platform the reply/forward buttons are now aligned with the design of the app.

  • In the team tab, after a search that has no results is made, a message indicating that it did not have any users found, is now displayed.

  • In the designer a block is now pre-selected by default in order to show information displayed in the settings tab, and make the designer a little more understandable.

  • In the Signature Settings and Campaigns page the main navigation bar is displayed to make navigation easier.

  • In the Connectors page, the "read more" links redirect to FAQs about configuring the push API.

Fixed bugs:

  • The message in the pop-up when you change a signature template that has had changes in the designer, is now more informative about the impact of the action.

  • The Safari bug on the "last users" element in the dashboard, which made user overlap, has been fixed.

  • The display order of the data in the connection information and user information graphs has been inverted to correctly match the indicator.

  • The wording of the "Emails sent" element in the dashboard has been corrected for the English version.

  • The cancel behaviour of a signature template change is now well taken into account. The template can not be changed in the designer while it is not the one chosen in the settings.

  • In the designer, when selecting social networks to display, the style that suggests that we can drag & drop the icons, has been removed.

  • When adding users to an already active signature / campaign and exceeding the number of available licenses , there is now a pop-up that indicates the situation and invites to modify the offer.

  • In the campaign settings the invalid date pop-up has been corrected in the English version.

  • The popup indicating that a domain could not be synchronised is now in place.

  • The new filter for users assigned to a signature or campaign in the team tab, does now reset when leaving the team's tab without clicking "Clear".


V 1.2.9

What’s new:

  • It is now possible to identify users assigned to a signature/campaign by clicking on the users icon, and you can now filter by signature/campaign in the team tab.

  • In the designer, it is now possible to use gif files in an image block.

  • In the designer, 4 new text fonts have been added (Century Gothic, Comic without MS, Georgia, Lucida without Unicode).

  • In the designer there is a new explanation of the general features and the drag & drop.

  • In the designer, it is no longer possible to add or modify text from a social networks block.

  • The Pop up beofore deleting a profile picture has been optimized.

Fixed bugs:

  • In the designer the button for adding social networks has been fixed.

  • The notification when manually launching a synchronization was visually optimized.

  • The pop up before deleting an API connector displays a clearer message about the impact of the action.

  • An error notification is no longer displayed when you change the start date of a campaign and there is no end date set.

  • Fixed calculation of signature image sizes with spacing.


V 1.2.7

What’s new:

  • At the end of a manually launched sync, a notification is now in place.

  • When creating a signature, the default template is automatically highlighted to enhance the user experience.

  • In the Dashboard it is now possible to click on active signatures / campaigns and be redirected to the signature / campaign library with the status filter enabled.

  • In signature settings, in the panel on the right, the display order of the tabs has changed to: style, user fields and settings. The style tab is now displayed by default.

  • In the Dashboard, we switched the display order of "not connected/ connected" and "unsatisfactory / satisfactory" indicators.

  • The pop-up when deleting a directory shows a more precise message about the impact of the action.

  • In the drop-down menu, the "invite colleagues" button has been removed.

Fixed bugs:

  • In the connectors page the "edit" button has been corrected.


V 1.2.5

What’s new:

  • The selection of domains to synchronize after a first synchronization of the Azure AD and G-suite directories is now possible.

Fixed bugs:

  • A display bug in chrome for Windows when loading the Business dashboard if there is no group, has been fixed.


V 1.2.4

Fixed bugs:

  • Manually created users are now well taken into account when exporting csv file.

  • Now in the Team tab, the thumbnail for the signatures / campaigns assigned to users, only indicates how many are active.


V 1.2.3

What’s new:

  • Ability to click on "last user" in the dashboard, this brings you to the filtered team tab on the selected user with the quick view panel opened.

  • Ability to export a list of users in a csv file.

  • G + has been added to the social network icons available in the designer.

Fixed bugs:

  • The result of a search with 2 characters for groups and users in the edition of a signature is no longer displayed incorrectly.

  • The priority selection bar in signatures and campaigns settings, displays the correct information.

  • In the expiration e-mail 3 days before the end of the trial period the button "upgrade now " is correctly displayed in Outlook.

  • Correct display of the updated email password in Outlook.

  • During a first activation of a signature, the popup inviting to download the app does not trigger anymore if the app is already installed.

  • In the invitation email to download the app, the name of the sender is displayed, even if they did not upload their profile picture.


V 1.2.2

Fixed bugs:

  • The campaign menu automatically translates when the user changes the language of the platform.

  • In the "Signatures" tab, when there are several lines of signatures, it is now possible to delete signatures at the very bottom.

  • Saving an active signature without a user from the designer, no longer makes the platform crash.

  • In the editor, to make several spacings between two variables is now correctly displayed in the signature.


V 1.2.1

What’s new

  • The process for sending an email test (signature and campaign) has been improved: a pop-up window with a preview of an email has been added.

Fixed bugs:

  • The error when doing an office 365 synchronization after doing a first synchronization with Gsuite from the onboarding, has been corrected.

  • The horizontal scroll bar appears correctly in the designer when a signature is very wide.

  • The position of the scroll in the signature settings now reset to the starting position when you switch tabs after scrolling down.

  • The delete notifications for signatures and campaigns are now displayed in the correct langage (French version).

  • When there is only one user on the 2nd page of the user list in the signatures settings, the CTA no longer invites to add other users.

  • The “send invite” button does no longer sends an invitation as many times as the button is clicked. Now just one invitation is sent.


V 1.2.0

What’s new

  • Reply/Forward signature: Letsignit Business feature that allows users to automatically send a variant of their signature when responding or forwarding an email.

  • Multi-signature: Letsignit Business feature that allows users to choose one of multiple combinations of signature + campaign, according to their communication needs. These combinations are directly available in Outlook’s signature catalog.

  • Navigation bar redesigned:

  1. The navigation bar is now merged with the header, located at the top of the page. Certain icons have been updated.

  2. The call to action buttons in the navbar have been removed.

  3. The flashing notification button when a synchronization is in progress has been retained, and information is displayed when the hoovering over.

  • An extension verification is made while importing a .CSV file. It is only possible to upload .csv and .txt files

Fixed bugs:

  • The size of the image block is now correctly displayed in the style tab of the designer when resizing.

  • When adding a user manually, a notification that the user has been added to the team is now displayed.


V 1.1.29

Fixed bugs

  • In the designer, the height and/or width of a cell or image does not longer become negative.


V 1.1.27

Fixed bugs

  • The navigation bar is no longer visible in the incorrect pages.


V 1.1.24

What’s new

  • New Branding has been rolled out!

  • WhatsApp has been added to the list of social networks icons in the designer.

Fixed bugs

  • The newly created users in the signature and campaign tabs are immediately shown without having to refresh the page.

  • The upgrade pop up above the campaigns’ list has been visually optimized and remodeled.

  • The Business offer element in the offer page has been has been visually optimized and remodeled.

  • The http mention in the placeholders has been changed to https.

  • Social network placeholders are not missing anymore in the editor.


V 1.1.22

What’s new?

  • New placeholder for logo and profile picture on the onboarding first steps for a friendlier user experience.

  • Possibility to resend the welcome e-mail to customers serviced by a wholesaler, via the /support.

  • Date of the last application update and its version is now displayed in /support.

Fixed bugs

  • The App no longer displays the message "e-mail is missing" when the e-mail field is in fact filled in.

  • The scroll down function is now enabled on the user profile page of 'my settings' section.

  • Preview of the published signature through push API is now available in /support.

  • The “user data” tab on the right panel of the signature settings has been translated in the French version.


V 1.1.1

What’s new?

  • Incentive to download Letsignit App: integration of a button in the navigation bar when I activated my signature but didn't download the App yet

Fixed bugs

  • The statistics displayed in the dashboard are now global (clicks coming from all my users)

  • Phone numbers filled in my Google directory are correctly uploaded in Letsignit


V 1.1.0 Major Release

We have worked hard to deliver a full new version. Many more to come.
We look forward to your feedback!

What’s new?

Create account / login

  • New sign-up/login experience better highlighting the possibility to login with your Office 365 or G Suite account;

  • When creating your account, Letsignit automatically retrieves the main color of your logo and allows you to use it later in your signatures.


  • New dashboard with a lot of new widgets: number of users and licenses, connection information, profile filling information, last groups, last users.

Signature templates

  • You can now create a signature starting from templates. These have been tested on the main email clients. We'll be adding new ones step by step;

  • Easily change the settings of your signature (logo, profile picture, social networks) without opening the Designer; useful for creating variants.


  • Following your requests, borders are coming in the Designer (color, position and thickness).

  • The HTML block did not meet our level of quality, we decided to turn it off for now.


  • If you have created groups in Office 365 or GSuite, we now synchronize them and allow you to assign them to a signature or a campaign.


  • Introducing a new offer: Letsignit Starter. For more information, contact your sales.

Fixed bugs

  • Various translation fixes

  • Various graphic optimizations

  • Securing forms

  • Fixed a bug when adding a phone number in a signature (in the designer)


V 1.0.1

What’s new?

  • Adding the "Job title" variable in the account creation form

  • Display of the campaign dates on hover of the dashboard thumbnails

  • Various improvements of the designer

  • Display of the last admin signature in the dashboard

  • Various improvements of wording

Fixed bugs

  • Management of the case sensitivity of the "email" field

  • Various display bugs

  • Management of the default height of the social bloc

  • Display of users in the signature settings

  • Optimization of the previews of signature/campaigns in the Letsignit Platform from Firefox

  • User import from .csv impossible: file header issue, mishandling of spaces in the email fields

  • Update of role of user imported from an Azure/G suite sync.

  • Update of role of admin user connected as user.

  • Management of sizes on the designer in Firefox

  • Possibility to delete a user selected in a team - finally ;-)

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