Thanks to the migration of Letsignit's Azure APIs and the modification of the required rights, Office 365 administrators can now give their administrator consent to authorize their users' connections to the Letsignit platform and applications.

If you prevent your users from giving consent for an Azure app, then you must do so either through authentication when you first log into the Letsignit platform or through the Azure portal.

How to authorize the connection to the Letsignit platform?

When you log on for the first time as an administrator on the Letsignit platform, you can agree to consent for your entire organization by checking the box and clicking on accept. By doing this, your users are now authorized to connect to the Letsignit platform.

If you do not check the consent box, users will not be able to connect to the platform.

Give consent from the Azure portal:

You can also authorize connections from your Azure admin portal, please follow the Microsoft documentation here.

Regarding the user experience:

If you don't allow Office 365 connections to third-party apps, your users won't be able to connect and two different screens may be displayed in the app depending on your settings on Azure:


You can also locate Letsignit applications using the following IDs:

Letsignit Authentication (Connect to the platform and/or the Letsignit Desktop App).


Letsignit Directory (pour synchroniser votre annuaire)


Letsignit Ews Access (Pour le push API sur Exchange online)


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