In order to configure the "G Suite SMTP connector" in your environment, please find below all the technical requirements for its implementation:

Letsignit Administrator

To access to the "G Suite SMTP Connector" option, the user must be an administrator of the Letsignit platform.

To check this, go to the Letsignit platform "Team" tab.

Check that the user has the Administrator role on the platform.

Google rights verification

The chosen administrator must have access to the "Google Workspace" area to set up the "G Suite SMTP Connector". (e.g. "Service Administrator" or "Super Administrator")

Adding SPF records on the DNS side

The SPF was developed to reduce the possibility of spoofing by publishing a record (of type TXT) in the DNS indicating which IP addresses are allowed or prohibited to send mail for the domain concerned.

To avoid the SPAM of your mails, please follow this procedure to add the SPF Letsignit records.

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