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SMTP Office 365 Connector: Technical requirements
SMTP Office 365 Connector: Technical requirements

Technical requirements : SMTP Office 365 connector

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In order to configure the SMTP Office 365 connector in your environment, please find below all the technical requirements:

Letsignit Administrator

To access the Office 365 SMTP Connector option, the user must be an administrator of the Letsignit platform.

To check this, please go to the "Team" section of the Letsignit platform.

And make sure that the user has the Administrator role on the platform.

Administration rights verification

Office 365 / Azure side

The chosen administrator must be a "Global Administrator" or at least have the "Application Administrator" role on the Office 365 Tenant.

This role is required to push a "Letsignit SMTP" application into your Azure "Enterprise Applications" space.

To check this, go to the Office 365 Tenant "Admin" section:

In this section, go to the active users list.

Click on the user concerned, and check in his roles that the user is a "General Administrator" or at least have the "Application Administrator" role.

Exchange Online side

In order to create the different inbound/outbound connectors on your Exchange Online space, administrative rights are also required. The account used must have the ability to access the Exchange configuration interfaces (mail flows) in order to create the necessary configuration on Exchange Online.

SPF records added on the DNS side

The SPF will reduce the possibility of spoofing by publishing a record (of type TXT) in the DNS which IP addresses are allowed or prohibited to send mail for the domain concerned.

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