Release V1.3.5

  • From now on, when a user manually logs out of the Addin (via the Logout button in the right panel), all settings that were stored in the cache will be cleared (authentication token, signatures, etc)

Release V1.3.4

  • This release corrects some side-effects found in the 1.33 enhancements.

Release V1.3.3

  • Some users continued to have a signature when no signature was assigned to them, we have fixed this bug.

Release V1.3.0

  • End-users can choose their own default signature

New feature that allows end-users of the Add-in to choose their own default signature (= the signature that will be inserted in each new mail), among the different signatures that have been assigned to them.

Release V1.2.0 (2022/07/05)

  • Seamless authentication is available on Outlook Desktop.

No action is required by end users thanks to seamless authentication, linked to the Microsoft 365 account and Azure Active Directory.

  • Wording change in the Letsignit Add-in panel.
    The section "My signatures" becomes "My default signature".

Release V1.1.1 (2022/05/05)

We have disabled the ability to embed images on the addin until we fix some bugs.

Release V 1.1.0 (2022/04/14)

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