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Incompatibility between the Letsignit APP and the New Outlook
Incompatibility between the Letsignit APP and the New Outlook
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For several years now, Microsoft has been developing an overhaul called the "new Outlook" (or sometimes One Outlook) to replace Outlook Desktop on Windows and MAC.

Why a new version of Outlook?

  • To eliminate the disparities in experience and code depending on the version of email client used (Outlook Windows, Outlook Mac, Outlook Web, Desktop, etc.)

  • Simplify development by unifying the code bases

How can I try out the new version of Outlook?

On Windows :

By default, users are on Outlook Desktop. If they wish, they can switch to New Outlook to test by activating the "Try New Outlook" button visible at the top right of Outlook.

The user can switch back to the old version at any time by deactivating the toogle.

On Mac:

The "new" Outlook is now the default mail version on the Mac.

To revert to the old version, click on the Help menu and select "Revert to legacy Outlook" or "Revert to the old version of Outlook".

What is the impact on Letsignit deployment modes?

One Outlook will not be compatible with all deployment modes.


The Add-in is compatible with the new version of Outlook

*As mentioned above, this new version is made available by Microsoft as an option to users. If you encounter any problems, please do not hesitate to switch back to the old version and report them to Microsoft so that they can be corrected.


The APP is not compatible with the new Outlook on Windows (works only on Mac)

The Letsignit APP only works with Outlook Desktop (in particular because this new Outlook uses the same code elements as Outlook Web (OWA)).

It will stop to work for all types of user (O365, Gsuite or Onprem) when the old version of Outlook is definitively replaced by the new Outlook.

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