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Removal of Letsignit Designer V1
Removal of Letsignit Designer V1
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Letsignit has decided to remove its former signature and banner designer (Designer V1).

Why is Letsignit removing its old designer?

The designer V2 is available since October 2020.

We want to focus our development efforts on this new designer, which is more intuitive and offers more features.

When will the V1 designer be permanently removed?

On December 2023, the old signature and banner designer will be permanently removed.

From this date, you will no longer be able to use your V1 signatures and banners.

  • all V1 signatures and banners will be automatically deactivated and deleted

  • the old designer will be deleted from the Letsignit platform

How to know if you have V1 signatures?

From the "Signatures" tab, if you move your mouse over one of your signatures, you will see the following visual:

  • For a signature created on the old designer:

What should you do?

If you still have active V1 signatures or campaigns you must recreate your V1 signatures and campaigns in the new designer before the end of October 2023.

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