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Help: the add-in is not available to my user, what should I do?
Help: the add-in is not available to my user, what should I do?

Here are the guidelines in case the add-in is not available on your users' Outlook

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There can be several reasons why the add-in may not appear in some of your users' Outlook:

  • They haven't restarted their computer or their Outlook Desktop application in a while

  • They clicked on "hide this message" when the add-in presented itself to them

Here are the elements to look at to force the add-in to install :

1. Connect on Outlook on the Web (OWA)

The webmail is always updated and connected to the internet. This step will verify that your user is connected to Letsignit.

  1. Open a new email

  2. If the signature loads automatically, all good!

  3. Here is where to find the add-in :

2. Inspect the Microsoft Outlook add-ins menu

  • In the webmail home menu, click on the Add-ons logo (top right)

  • Then select "Managed by the administrator".

  • If the Letsignit add-in is in the list, your user will be able to add it

  • Same process for the Outlook Desktop App

3. If the add-in is still not present

  • Please check the add-in is correctly attributed in the O365 administration platform. Be careful not to assign the same person twice, for example in several groups and individually: see this article

  • Check that your user is compatible with the add-in: add-in technical requirements

  • Update the Outlook Desktop client, restart the computer.

  • Contact our customer service at or our online chat service.

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