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Transparent authentication with the Addin
Transparent authentication with the Addin
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Transparent authentication is an authentication mechanism that requires no action from the user. It relies on SSO to authenticate the user to Letsignit through their Office 365 session.

SSO (Single Sign-on) is a single sign-on service that allows a user to log in with their 0365 account directly (without having to enter a login or password).

What does this mean in practice?

Once the Addin is deployed, the user will be authenticated in a transparent way and his signature will be automatically inserted in his messages on Outlook desktop and OWA without any action from him.

After closing Outlook or the Addin, if the user opens a new message, he will still be logged in and his Letsignit signature will be inserted.

This feature is automatically available to all users of the Addin. No settings on the Letsignit side are required to activate it.

If the user manually disconnects from the Add-in:

When the next email is opened, the Add-in will authenticate itself transparently and the signature will be inserted again, so the user will be automatically logged in again.

❗Important for OWA: Browsers with restrictions on cookie handling may prevent the authentication flow from taking place correctly. These restrictions have been observed in particular on some browsers in private browsing.

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