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The new Letsignit Add-in for Outlook.
The new Letsignit Add-in for Outlook.

Letsignit Add-in M365 for Outlook

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Take advantage of our New Addin for free - Included in your current offer

Enjoy a revolutionary experience to manage your email signatures on Outlook !

Letsignit was the first editor to co-develop an Add-In to manage signatures efficiently, directly with Microsoft R&D teams. LEARN MORE

This collaboration with Microsoft teams aims to improve the overall experience of email signatures in Outlook and is the recognition that the signature is a major issue!

  1. What is the Letsignit add-in?

The Letsignit add-in is a natively integrated add-in to Microsoft 365 that revolutionizes the deployment of signatures on the desktops of hundreds or even thousands of employees simultaneously, all from the M365 Administration Center.

This new Add-in will revolutionize the deployment of signatures to hundreds or thousands of employees simultaneously, all in a few clicks from the M365 Administration Center.

IT teams no longer need to deploy the Letsignit application to all of their employees' workstations to provide them with signatures! Signature deployment will now be handled by the most natural trusted third party for a Microsoft 365 user - Microsoft itself!


  • Simple, fast and even more secure deployment of Letsignit

  • Simultaneous deployment on OWA and Desktop

  • No user action required to benefit from Letsignit signatures

  • All Letsignit features at your fingertips

2. Who can benefit from the Add-in?

Please see the installation prerequisites here.

3. What features are available ?

The add-in features are available on OWA and Outlook Desktop

  • M365 SSO Authentication A single sign-on method governed by the current M365 user session. Once deployed, users instantly access their assigned email signature by logging into Outlook (Desktop or Web App).

  • Automatic insertion of the main signature in the email Without any action from the user, with each new email, the Letsignit signature is inserted in the body of the email.

  • Preview of the signature before sending View the signature in your email before sending it.

  • The possibility to choose another signature directly in the collection If you have different signatures, you can easily choose the one you want to use.

  • Viewing and modifying contact information If the Letsignit admin has authorized it, the user can modify his information (including the profile picture), the changes will be instantly reflected in the signature.

  • Pinning the Add-in: so that it is always at hand For quick and easy access to your signatures and personal information.

4. How does the Letsignit Add-in coexist with current deployment modes?

The Letsignit Add-in is a multi-platform add-in, meaning that it is 100% compatible with other Letsignit signature deployment methods.

In case there are already other deployment methods in place like the Push API for OWA, the app for Outlook Windows or the server-side SMTP connector, there is no risk of double signature (the add-in takes over to insert the signature in the email without conflicts).

Note: Microsoft has not yet given any visibility on a version of the add-in for Outlook for mobile devices.

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