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How to wrap an element ?
How to wrap an element ?
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Only the "user information" and "text" elements are eligible for this functionality. You won't be able to upload a logo, image or social media.

To wrap an element, click on the element you want to put on the next line. A task bar appears with the "line feed" button.

Then check "wrap the line" :

Understand how the wrap mode works ?

If the element you have selected is the longest element, then when you check "wrap the line" the width of the element will snap to the second longest element.

In the example below, by putting the longest element which is in red on the line, it will snap to the blue element which is the second longest element.

I.g : if the box "wrap the line" is ticked

I.g : if the box "wrap the line" is NOT ticked

If the element you selected is not the longest element, then nothing changes because the red element forces the width. You will have the same view as diagram 1.

How to wrap where you want?

You cannot choose which word to force a newline after.

On the other hand, you can vary the width to modify the size of the block and therefore the place where it will come to cut the content of the block.

For example, if we go back to Diagram 1 and you want to wrap the blue element, you must:

  • select blue element

  • check the box "carriage return"

  • choose a value in "width", eg 200

  • do the same on the red element but choose a width smaller than that entered on the blue element, ex: 150

Thus, the size of the blue element will have the largest size. Here is the result :

Tip :

If you want to wrap every single word of an element, clic on "wrap the line" and include a filler on the left or on the right of your element.

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