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Signature: How to add a greeting?
Signature: How to add a greeting?

Find out how to add a personalized greeting to your signature

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You can add in your signature a greeting such as "Sincerely" for example, which can be personalized by each user.

To do this, you must first create a new attribute.

Click on the profile picture in the upper right corner, then on "user attributes".

Then create the new Letsignit attribute, which you can name "Greeting formula" and make sure you don't block its modification by the user (you will have to leave the lock open).

You can then get back into the designer to add this attribute to your signature at the desired location.

If you are using Outlook desktop client: This field can be completed by each employee directly via the app in the profile information.

It can also be filled in on the desktop client or OWA for Add-in users.

Once your signature is modified and saved, the greeting will be active and personalized for each user :)

NB: This manipulation can be done to create various custom attributes.

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