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Attributes - Attribute management permissions for your subsidiaries.
Attributes - Attribute management permissions for your subsidiaries.
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It is now possible to set permissions for the subsidiaries to independently manage the format, display, lock and reset options for the attributes.

The global admin can now set up special permissions for subsidiaries directly from the attributes tab, accessible from the drop-down menu at the top right :

When the lock icon is green, it means the subsidiary is not able to make any changes to attribute settings. When this is the case, they will inherit the global administration settings.

When the lock has been disabled (grey color), the subsidiaries are able to manage their own attribute settings and the global administration settings will not be replicated.

As a global admin you can reestablish the global administration settings priority over the subsidiaries’ at any time by clicking once on the far right icon for resetting the subsidiary settings, this action will only reset the subsidiary settings.

If you wish to replicate the global settings on the subsidiary at all times you need to both lock the modification permissions and reset the settings for the concerned subsidiaries.

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