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Attributes: Attribute reinitialization
Attributes: Attribute reinitialization

Find out how to restore the original value from the directory following a manual change to an attribute value

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When you have an active directory synchronization, it is now possible to restore the original value from the directory when a manual modification of the attribute value has been made from the App for Outlook or from the Letsignit administration platform.

How to reset the value of an attribute?

1. This option must be activated on the attributes page, from the right column:

2. A gray icon will appear inside each field, only when it has been detected that the displayed value is not the same as the value from the synchronization.

3. Click on the icon to reset the attribute value, the icon will turn green indicating that the directory value has been retrieved.

4. Click save to validate and save the changes.

In the same way, an attribute linked to a directory synchronization can now be kept empty without the synchronization repopulating it if it has been manually deleted, it is important to note that this behavior is not applicable to the import of a CSV file, the CSV file it will always replace the content of the attributes with the same values ​​contained in the file.

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