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New Designer: How to create a signature ?
New Designer: How to create a signature ?

This article explains how to create a signature with the new designer

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From your platform, click on the Signature tab and then new signature.

You arrive on the designer.

On your left, you'll find the menu to create and add items to your new signature.

Start by clicking Templates, select a signature template and click Choose this Template

You can view your signature in Editing Mode or Preview Mode. To do this, click on the grid to the right of the signature

Preview mode that allows you to see the end result:

Work mode that allows you to visualize attributes:

Then, in the left menu, you'll find the User Information tab that lets you drag attributes directly into your signature.

On the attribute and drag it to the desired location in your signature.

Then click on the attributes of your signature to change them. You can use Text Option or Block Format to make your changes.

Text Option that allows you to change your fonts, colors, URLs links... Etc:

Block format that manages blocks, spacing, borders... Etc:

To remove an item from your signature, select it and click on the trash on the right.

Don't forget to save your changes and move on to the assignment!

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