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SMTP Office 365: How to add a rule for automatic replies?
SMTP Office 365: How to add a rule for automatic replies?

Discover how to create a rule in your Smtp configuration

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As automatic replies are in text format, your Letsignit signatures may be displayed without the pictures in this type of emails.
To avoid this in Office 365, it will be necessary to add a rule with a higher priority than the transport rule created for email forwarding.
This rule should be configured as follows:

Go to your Exchange administration center.

Then, click on "Mail flow" and "Create a new rule".
You will find the Letsignit transport rule previously created, Click on the "+" to create a new rule.

Then, fill in the "Name" field with the value you want to give.
Click on "More Options" at the bottom of the window.
In the section "Apply this rule if", choose "The message properties" and the submenu "include the message type".
Then choose "Automatic reply" and validate.

In the "Do the following" section, choose "Modify message properties" and "Set a message header".

Put the following values in "enter text" : X-LSI-Version and value : 1.0

Then, save by clicking on the button at the bottom of the window.

To finish, raise the auto reply rule above the Letsignit transport rule, using the up arrow icon.

Once the configuration is done, do not hesitate to make a test :)

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