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Groups: How to create and manage groups in Letsignit
Groups: How to create and manage groups in Letsignit

Learn how to create user groups directly in Letsignit

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Letsignit lets you create and manage user groups independently from those in your Directory.

To create or see your groups, click on the Team tab in the main navigation bar:

Then, click on the Groups button to switch to the group view, where you will find your Directory groups (if a directory synchronization is in place) and groups you have created in Letsignit.

In Letsignit you can find two types of groups:

  • Directory: Groups from your Directory. These groups cannot be modified or deleted in Letsigint, you can only see the members inside the group and select the group to assign it a signature or campaign.

  • Standard: These are groups that you can create, modify and delete in Letsignit, they are independent from your Directory.

  • Dynamic Groups: This feature allows you to create attribute-based rules that will generate groups of users based on the values found in their profiles.

  • To create a Standard group you can :

First way :

Select 1 or more users from the user list:

Then click on create group, and you will enter the group view where you need to specify a name in the panel on the left side.

Then confirm the name by clicking on "create" at the bottom of the panel

You can find your new group in the group list by alpahbetical order.

Second way:

Click on the "create group" button at the top right side of the screen in the Groups view :

A panel will open, in this panel you can set up different rules by which users will be added to the group, these rules are based as inclusions or exceptions by different values: Email, Name, Last Name, Job Title, Deparment, Country, City, etc.

Lets say you want to create a group only for Managers, then you need to select the Job title filter, and select "contains" and set the keyword "Manager". You then will see the list of users matching the criteria.

Dont forget to set a name for the group and then click on create!

Your group will now be listed in the groups section.

  • To create Dynamics groups :


Create user groups according to the city where they are located:

Go to the groups' tab and click on the menu button and click on create dynamic rule:

Then, select the attribute on which you want to create the groups, in this example we will use the city attribute, then click on generate a dynamic rule.

Once the dynamic rule has been generated, you will be able to find all the groups that were created based on the values ​​found in the user profiles, which were all grouped together automatically.

Users who do not have a specific value for the selected attribute are grouped in the same way in a separate "none" group which makes it easier to manage your users.

How to edit a group:

Only groups created in Letsignit (Group type: Standard) are editable. Directory groups are only editable directly in the Administration console for Office 365 or Gsuite.

Once you have identified the Standard group you wish to edit, simply select it and click on the group actions menu (3 dots on the right side), and click on edit.

The options panel will open and you will see your current settings.
Lets try to remove Adele and add Steven to the current group composition, to do so:

Select the option "Or" on top of the filters, then click on first name and select "except" enter the name "Adele", then click on the plus button just below Adele's name (+) and for this second filter choose either "equals" and write the desired name, for our example that would be "Steven".

Click on save at the bottom of the panel and your changes will be saved. Your new group settings will be All Managers, except Adele and icluding Steven.

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